Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter TwentyOne


I never noticed but Alex actually looked like my Dad but it could be a coincidence as well, his features resembling my father’s.

Alex left for awhile now, we all were eating and talking. Zac told my parents that he knew me and my family was surprised, Mom questioned me about why I didn’t tell her about him and I was silent.

Zac replied saying that we fought me and that I was angry with him. Dad asked wether we were dating or not and I choked on my drink, Zac smirkingly replied,

“ Not yet.” And I was shocked to death, what the hell was that supposed to mean. Not being able to take his presence, I got up excusing myself.

I left the restaurant to inhale some fresh air, I saw Alex smoking while staring ahead, one hand in jeans and the other one holding his cigarette. He was lost in his thoughts. The wind hit him, making some strands of his hair move.

I walked towards him and stood besides him, taking his cigarette from his mouth, I placed it in my mouth. He stared at me and watched me smoke,

“ Mind sharing your thoughts?” I asked him as I gave his cigarette back to him, he took it and placed it in his mouth, smoking while staring at me,

“ Why do you want to know?” He asked and I chuckled,

“ Look, I agree that we are enemies made in hell but enemies can be friends sometimes.” I said and he listened,

“ I was thinking about that whole scene that happened inside.” He said after awhile, of course he was. Even my mind was occupied with that, I couldn’t think straight, he handed me the cigarette and I stared at him, he released a smoke while staring ahead, still holding the cigarette out for me, I took it and smoked once again, feeling the drug relaxing my body,

“ Don’t think about that, it could be a coincidence as well. By the way, do you have any siblings?” I asked him as I smoked,

“ No.” He said straight, why did I feel bitteness in his tone??

“ Parents?” I asked again,

My Dad worked for Zac’s father as his security head, they were good friends like me and Zac. They both died in a battle.” He said and I stared at him, I felt like he was hiding something,

“ Why do I have a feeling that you’re hiding something from me Alex?” I said to him and he turned his head to me. I saw some guys coming out of the restaurant and walking past us, they winked and commented on my figure and I saw Alex growling in rage, what he did next had me off guard.

He took out his gun and shot them, the bullet hit them, injuring their legs, they screamed and cursed while running away with their injured legs, I widened my eyes and turned to Alex,

“ Fuckers.” He said and turned his head to me while keeping his gun back, I broke into laughter and placed my hand on his shoulder,

“ Damn Alex, you got a temper.” I said while laughing hard, his lips formed into a smile as he saw me laughing,

I stopped laughing and smiled as I saw him smiling, I don’t know if it was the earlier scene or our conversation that had us like this, but whatever it was, I was grateful.

When we all were done, we left the place. I was ready to go home but Zac grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him, I froze,

“ You’re coming with me, Bambola.” He said and opened his passenger side door for me, I obeyed him and sat inside, he closed the door behind me and I took out my phone, texting mom before keeping my phone back in the clutch.

Zac got inside the car and started to drive, he placed his hand on my thigh and started to caress it, his hand slowly went up but I placed my hand on his and said,

“ You need to stop.” I said to him,

“ Make me.” He said and I bit my lower lip, his hand started to massage my clothed womanhood and I moaned while pushing my head back and closing my eyes.

When we entered his penthouse, he pushed me on the couch and tore my dress and panties, he removed my bra and sucked on my neck, I moaned while closing my eyes.

He kissed my lips and I felt myself wet for him, he spreaded my legs with his hand and I felt him taking off his pants, he continued to kiss me hungrily and roamed his tongue inside my mouth.

He took off his shirt and broke the kiss, I stared at his tattoos and felt myself even more turned on. He caressed my lower lip with his thumb before kissing me again, he pulled down his boxers and entered me, I moaned loudly.

He broke the kiss and leaned in to whisper,

“ How do you manage to be so tight Bambola?” I blushed at his words, he affected me so damn much that it started to bother me.

He thrusted inside me deeply and I moaned out loud, my head pushed back and our bodies moved in rhythm as he thrusted in me, showing how much he missed me.

I bit my lower lip as he buried his face in my neck and kissed my skin once again.

We cummed, he laid on top of me and inhaled my scent,

“ Zac..” I called our for him and he hummed, he had his eyes closed while our foreheads linked, I slowly started to play with his hair,

“ Do you believe in love?” I asked and he opened his eyes, staring at me, he laughed while getting off of me, sitting on the couch, picking his cigarette and lighter from the table, smoking,

“ Love is for fools Bambola.” He said and I bit my lower lip, I thought so too,

“ I thought the same thing before.” I said as I sat on the couch, unable to hold it in anymore, he stared at me while smoking, I laid my head on his chest and grabbed his wrist, placing his arm around me.

I hugged him and felt his heartbeat, it was calming,

“ Have you ever fallen in love Zac?” I asked him with my eyes closed,

“ No.” He said and I opened my eyes, turning to stare at him and found him staring at me,

“ Ever?” I asked him and he smirked,

“ Why do you ask Bambola?” He said and I bit my lower lip, not knowing if what I was about say next would bring us closer or would spread us apart forever,

“ Because your Bambola has fallen for you.” I said and he stared at me...

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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