Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter TwentyTwo


She said and I stared at her, releasing a smoke. I caressed her face and pushed my head back,

“ what are you up to now my little Bambola.” I mumbled to myself and she said,

“ What?” I looked back to her and said,

“ Nothing.” She just stared at me, her hands caressed my jawline and our eyes were locked,

“ It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way for me, I never expected a man like you to feel anything anyway and the reason why I shared my feelings with you was,” she started to speak but paused before continuing,

“ Because I just wanted you to know that you affected me, a lot. No matter how much I denied, my heart would still feel the same thing for you. Even though you’re heartless, I still couldn’t help but fall for your sins.” She said while staring at me, biting her lower lip,

“ You surely are something, my little Bambola,” I said and she smiled while tightening her hold on me, I smirked,

“ You should be running away from me yet here you are, confessing your feelings to me. You know Rebel, in my entire life, I’ve slept with many women but I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you, Bambola,” I said while drawing a heart on her hips with my finger, she smiled,

“ All the girls I slept with knew their limits, they never confessed their feelings to me even if they wanted to. You’re the first one, do you know the consequences of confessing to me?” I said,

“ No.” she replied with a low tone, I smirked and leaned in to whisper,

“ You’re stuck with me, forever my little Bambola. If I love you or not, you will be mine and will not date anyone else, understood?” I felt her body warming up, I stared at her and she was blushing hard,

“ I’m....I..” she was affected by my words so badly that she couldn’t speak properly, I smirked and pushed her down. I was ready for round two and I bet she was too.

Next Day

I had a nice sleep, her body and her scent relaxed me. I was at ease. She was slowly becoming my drug....

After we got dressed, I wrapped my arms around her hips as she faced me with a smile,

“ Someone’s in a good mood.” She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck, I laughed as I stared into her eyes and she did the same,

“ What can I say Bambola, sleeping next to you is like being in a sinful heaven.” I said before leaning in, brushing my lips against her earlobe,

“ But nothing can beat our sex life.” I whispered and she blushed, I stared at her and smirked before kissing her lips.

We were in the kitchen, eating. We were laughing at her jokes, I heard the elevators opening up. I excused myself and left the kitchen, walking towards the entrance.

I saw Nicola and Alex, Alex had a tensed expression on, that was surprisingly since he was never tensed about anything, ever. Nicola was calm yet surprised,

“ What happened?” I asked them and they stared at each other before staring at me,

“ Well.....” Alex started off,

“ I can’t say it.” Alex said and turned around, Nicola sighed and turned to me,

“ We discovered something....” He said and I crossed my arms, eye brow raised,

“ What?” I asked,

“ Alex is Rebel’s brother.” He spoke and Alex turned around, grabbing the back of his neck and letting out a loud groan, this news was unexpected,

“ I fuckin’ treated her like shit!! What the fuck will I do now??” He said and I stared at him,

“ I really thought that he was Justine’s son because they kinda looked the same, never did I ever thought that Alex was adopted by him.” Nicola said and Alex bit his lower lip,

“ When are you telling them?” I said to Alex and he turned to me,

“ I really don’t know....fuck I’m still stressed about treating my baby sister like shit!” He expressed and Nicola laughed,

“ You two are the same, just apologise.” Nicola said and Alex shot him a glare.

I heard footsteps entering the place, Alex eyes widened and Nicola stared at her before staring at Alex to see his reaction,

“ Shit.” He mumbled, I turned around and saw Rebel with a surprised expression,

“ Did you heard it Bambola?” I asked her and she turned her head to me, nodding slowly and lightly, she was in fallen in shockness,

“ Y-you......” she said lowly, Alex stared at her and bit his lower lip, he was nervous,

“ I-I...” She tried to speak but words didn’t come out of her mouth, she stuttered and eventually broke into tears,

Alex walked towards her and hugged her, she immediately wrapped her hands around him, hugging him tightly.

All we could hear was her sobbing and Alex comforting her, I never expected Alex to comfort someone, I mean he was someone who made people cry tears of pain, comforting someone was the complete opposite of him.

We watched them as they shared a brother-sister moment, Nicola came closer to me and whispered,

“ What now?”

“ What do you think?” I said to him and he said,

“ You’re not planning on investigating this thing are you?”

“ Nah,” I said whole lighting up my cigarette, Nicola nodded,

“ Maybe.” I completed my sentence and Nicola turned to me with a smirk,

“ Hm, I smell blood.” He said and I laughed.

To Be Continued


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