Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter TwentyThree


“ No I will wear this one!!” I said to Alex, he groaned and snatched the dress from my hands,

“ No you will not!! It’s too revealing!!” He said and we both crossed our arms,

“ Yah!! I’m the one who is wearing it, why does it bother you?” I asked him and snatched the dress from his hands,

“ Because YOU are the one who is wearing it.” He said and I glared at him, he gladly returned it,

“ What’s all this chaos about!! I can’t fucking sleep!!” I heard Nicola complaining as he entered the bedroom, his hair was messy and he was yawning, he was shirtless and only wore his dark blue sweatpants,

“ I’m glad that you’re here!” Alex said and pulled his arm, dragging him. Nicola shot open his eyes and stared at him,

“ Man what the fuck!! I was going to fall!” Nicola complained and Alex rolled his eyes, he snatched the dress from me once again and showed it to Nicola,

“ What do you think about this?” Alex said and Nicola stared at the dress,

“ It’s sexy.” Nicola said and I chuckled, he stared at me and raised his brow while smirking,

“ But revealing.” He said and I stopped laughing, now it was Alex who was laughing, I playfully glared at Nicola and he chuckled,

“ I’m wearing this dress!! Give it to me!” I demanded and Alex said,

“ If you want it, come and get it Babysis.” With that he ran off, I growled while chasing after him, I heard Nicola laughing hard after us.

Alex was running and jumping around the penthouse, he was damn fast. I got tired and sat down on the floor, the elevator was in front of me.

I heard the doors opening up and a voice saying,

“ Hm, fine.” I looked up and found Zac frowing his brows at me, he walked out of the elevator and kneeled down,

“ What is my little Bambola doing on the floor?” He asked while caressing my jawline, I smiled at him and grabbed his collar, pulling him into a deep kiss. He smirked while kissing me back, wrapping his hands around my back,

“ Ahem!” I heard coughing from behind, we broke the kiss and Zac looked up to the person,

“ Sorry mate, but I’m still here.” I heard Alex’s voice, I got up and Zac followed,

“ Alex!!” I said as I ran to him, he started to run again but bumped into Nicola who just entered the site,

“ What is happening here?” Zac said as he crossed his arms,

“ Well, the typical brother-sister fight,” Nicola said and Zac laughed,

“ I’m fed up with these two, ever since they found out about their relationship, I haven’t had a peaceful sleep!” Nicola complained and I playfully slapped his arm,

“ Not our fault that you’re nocturnal!” I said and Alex laughed, Nicola sent me a glare,

“ You two are so damn loud during the day, you keep on fighting, I’m tired!” Nicola said once again and I was going to fire back,

“ Alright, that’s enough!” Zac said as he came towards me, he pulled me to him and backhugged me, placing his chin on my shoulder and staring at the boys,

“ What’s the fuss about this time?” Zac asked Nicola,

“ Rebel wants to wear this dress and Alex won’t allow her.” He said and Zac stared at Alex,

“ The dress is revealing, I’m not letting her wear it no matter what!” Alex said and Zac chuckled,

“ You should listen to your elder brother Bambola.” He said to me and I turned my head to him,

“ But-“ I was cut off by him,

“ No buts Bambola.” He said zipping my mouth, I pouted whole crossing my arms and staring back at Alex, he pinched my cheeks before kissing it,

“ I love you Babysis.” He said and I felt all my anger vanished, I smiled and said,

“ I love you too Alex.” He smiled and I broke away from Zac, hugging my brother,

“ Alright, now please be silent for at least 5 hours, I’m desperately in need for some sleep.” Nicola said and walked upstairs, I and Alex chuckled,

“ I will go and fall asleep as well, feeling kinda tired.” Alex said and I nodded, he kissed my forehead and went upstairs, I was smiling,

“ Aren’t you being too touchy?” Zac asked and I turned around, only to be greeted by his jealous face, I chuckled and walked towards him, wrapping my hands around his neck, staring him in the eyes,

“ You’re jealous.” I said to him and he smirked,

“ And you’re being naughty.” He said and picked me up, walking us up the stairs and towards his bedroom.

He closed and locked the door behind us. Laying me down on the bed, he started to undress himself. We both stared at each other and I felt myself excited.

He was left in his black boxers only and that sight was something you would like you watch all day long, without blinking your eyes. He hovered above me and started to undress me while kissing me.

His bit and sucked on my neck now, I moaned and he intertwined our fingers. He continued his assault on my skin and I was left pleasured once again.

Leaving me naked, he stared at me with a smirk. I blushed and averted my gaze from him,

“ I don’t think I will ever get bored of you, my little Bambola.” He said as he spreaded my legs slowly, his lustful gaze eating me alive, I gulped.

He buried his face in my womanhood and I moaned loudly, gripping his hand tighter.

He licked my off, cleaning me. He pulled me up and I sat in the bed, I knew what he wanted me to do. He spreaded his legs and I slowly lowered my head, taking in his length.

He moaned and closed his eyes,

“ Fuck Bambola!” He cursed and I smirked while sucking him harder, some strands of hair fell in front of my eyes, Zac removed them from my face, pushing it back, taking it in his hold along with the rest of the hair and pushing himself deeper inside me.

I was choking but didn’t stop. He released in my mouth while cursing and falling back, I swallowed his cum while staring at his relaxed features, I smiled.

He got up once again and pushed me down, spreading my legs widely and entering me in one go, I was already dripping wet for him. He smirked and I blushed.

He started to thrust inside me, applying pressure making me moan in complete pleasure.

We were both panting and covered in sweat, he cummed inside me. He popped down next to me and pulled me to him, he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear while staring into my eyes, his blue eyes would make you drown in them, you would swim in those blue ocean eyes, searching for answers but would find none because he knew how to control his emotions and feelings.

He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes, he never did that before and I didn’t want to know why he did it now, I just wanted to stay like this forever,

“ Want to know something about me, my little Bambola?” He said and I stared at him,

“ I would love to.” I said softly, he rubbed his thumb on my lower lip and said,

“ I couldn’t sleep before, I would wake up every single night, no matter how tired I was, I still couldn’t fall asleep but it didn’t bother me because I never knew how falling asleep felt like.” I listened to him and caressed his face,

“ But after I met you, I found my peace in you. Not only could I sleep but I also enjoyed having you around, you’re my little Bambola for a reason.” He said and I smiled,

“ What?” I asked him with a hint of curiosity in my joyful tone,

“ You’re my addiction now.” He said and my smile brightened, I slowly leaned in and kissed him deeply, his hold around my waist tightened and he rolled us on the bed while kissing me back passionately.

To Be Continued


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