Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter TwentyFour


We were all in Rebel’s house, it was emotional as Rebel’s mother got to know about the truth,

“ But what about the d-d-dead b-body they sent us?” Rebel’s mother spoke while hugging Alex tightly, everyone watched,

“ It wasn’t mine.” Alex said softly and hugged his mother back, Rebel’s father and she joined the hug, I saw Nicola’s lips forming into a smile.

We were all in the backyard, talking while drinking tea, I was drinking coffee. Rebel sat besides me, laying her head on my chest, I had my arm around her around shoulder, I caressed her face while talking to her parents,

“ So you two are officially dating?” Rebel’s father asked with his eyes brow raised,

“ Hm.” I replied, Rebel’s mother was busy talking to Alex while feeding him the cookies, his mouth was full and yet his mother kept on feeding him, they must have missed each other,

Bate stared at us while taking a sip of tea, Fred talked with his brother. Rebel excused herself as she needed to go to the bathroom, she walked inside and I stared at her figure until it completely disappeared from my sight.

I turned back to them while taking a sip of my coffee, I was engaged in talking with Nicola, Fred and Rebel’s father.

After awhile, Rebel came out and sat next to me once again, I laid my head on her shoulder and she smiled while caressing my face.

After Two Weeks

We went back to England, Rebel showed her friends and us around Switzerland. It was relaxing.

I was in my mansion, Rebel was in her dorm since her college’s second year just started. I was missing my Bambola, resuming my work on the laptop which was placed in my lap, I stared at my phone on the glass table in the balcony.

I picked up my phone and called her. I frowned when she didn’t pick up my phone, usually she would pick up the call in the first ring.....something was off.

I called her again and again before taking any action, when she didn’t respond, I got up.

I left my bedroom and walked towards the main door. As I thought, Alex and Nicola were outside talking while smoking, I walked towards them and they bowed down,

“ Call Rebel and see if she is picking up.” I said to them and they nodded, Alex tried first. After his call for ignored for the 30th time, he grew anxious as well. Nicola tried but she didn’t respond.

I cursed and made my way towards my garage, getting inside the first car I saw, I drove off towards her dorm. I swear she will be in huge trouble if it wasn’t anything important.

When I reached her dorm, eyes stared at me. I walked inside and towards her place. I knocked on the door or practically banged my hands on it, I was getting impatient.

The door opened up and I saw Amber, she got hiccups and I said,

“ Is Rebel here?” She nodded a No,

“ She left me in the college and went somewhere.” She said and I grunted my teeths,

“ Is she picking up your calls?” I asked and she replied,

“ I called her twenty times since I was getting worried but she didn’t respond, I found it strange because Rebel always accepts her calls.” I left the place.

I walked out and grabbed the back of my neck, applying pressure to it while letting out a growl. Fuck where are you Bambola?

I got inside my car and called Alex, telling him to find Rebel’s current location.

I drove to the park that she used to go but didn’t see her there. I clenched the wheel tighter, I heard my phone buzzing, I saw a message from Alex,

“ Health and Care hospital.” I said and threw the phone on the seat, driving towards it.

When I reached the hospital, I got out after grabbing my phone. I walked inside and called Rebel once again, the whole hospital stopped as I came in view.

I walked towards the receptionist and she was shaking in fear,

“ Is there an appointment made by the name Rebel Rose?” I asked the receptionist and she checked her computer with a shaky breath, her skin was pale, it was as if she had seen a ghost,

“ Fifth floor, room 404.” She said lowly and I went towards the elevator, pressing fifth floor while rubbing my face, what the fuck happened to her?

When the elevator doors opened up, I walked out and went towards the room. I entered it once I found it and saw the doctor handing Rebel some pills.

The doctor turned to me and gasped, falling from his chair. Rebel turned to me and her eyes widened, she hid the pills behind her and I walked towards her, she was wearing a black baggy shirt and black leggings.

She got up and I said,

“ Do you have any idea how worried I was!! Why the fuck would you not answer your goddam phone!” She bit her lower lip, gaze down,

“ Look at me Bambola!” I said to her and she looked up,

“ Why are you here?” I asked her, she bit her lower lip again,

“ N-Nothing.....” she said lowly and I clenched my fists, I snatched the pills from her hands which were placed behind her back, she gasped and tried to take them back but I sent her a stare that made her froze.

When I saw what pills they were, my blood boiled. I turned my head to her and she gulped,

“ Abortion pills? Are you fuckig serious!!” I yelled at her and threw the pills to the floor, the Doctor fainted and fell to the floor, Rebel gasped,

“ Fucking explain before I take down the entire place!!” I said to her in a baleful tone and she looked up to me, eyes teary,

“ I’m.......pregnant....” She said and I crossed my arms,

“ How long?” I asked her and she sobbed,

“ 2 and half weeks.” She said and cried harder,

“ What the fuck are you crying about?!?” I asked her and she sobbed while wiping her tears,

“ I don’t want to lose you but I don’t want to kill my child as well....” she said and I stared at her, this girl was seriously something. I hugged her, kissing her neck. She cried harder, letting all of her worries out,

“ Bambola, I never do anything absent minded.” I said to her and she stopped sobbing, she backed up and stared at me, I wiped her tears and kissed her deeply, she kissed me back.

We broke the kiss and I linked our foreheads,

“ If you would’ve killed our child, you might have lost me then Bambola.” I said and she replied,

“ I’m sorry, I just thought that you wouldn’t want this child......” I smiled at her and kissed her forehead,

“ You though wrong Bambola, I wanted you to be pregnant with my child, I love you my little Bambola.” I said and her eyes got teary, she jumped and hugged me tightly, burying her face in the crook of my neck while saying,

“ I love you too Zac.”

I smiled and hugged her back, I can’t wait for the next step....

To Be Continued


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