Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter TwentyFive

HELLO GUYS, sorry for disturbing you all but I just wanted to say that my new book “S•x Or Death” will be out today, I really hope you all enjoy this book as much as you enjoyed “ Poisonous”. Thank you.


I have been 4 weeks pregnant, everyone knew about my pregnancy now and they were more than happy. They were all thrilled to meet the baby. I never meant to go to the doctor and get those abortion pills, when the doctor handed me those pills, I was shaking. I was going to throw the pills in the bin because I could never built up th courage to kill my unborn child. I sill feel bad for going there in the first place but Zac comforts me saying that it was okay and that nothing happened so why should I worry.

I was in the balcony of Zac’s bedroom, he made me move in with him in his mansion. Life was perfect. Bate and I had a small talk relating that day (the day when they arrived) and he apologised to me, I forgave him.

I felt two strong arms wrapped around my big belly. Zac buried his face in the crook of my neck and inhaled my scent, I smiled. He bit my skin and sucked on it, leaving me in pleasure.

His hands slowly went towards my womanhood, he slipped his hands inside my panties and started to massage my womanhood, I moaned while pushing my head back on his shoulder.

He took out his hands, licking the cum off of it. Turning me around, he connected our lips in a passionate kiss. I smiled,

“ How’s my little Bambola and our little devil doing?” He asked as he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him, I smiled while wrapping my hands around his neck,

“ Both are doing excellent now that you’re here.” I said and he chuckled before kissing me.

I was in the backyard, Zac went to sort out some mafia business, he was busy and I understood,

“ Rebel!!!” I heard Amber’s joyful voice, when I looked up, I saw Derek and Amber coming towards me. I smiled and got up from my seat, they hugged me,

“ Wow, seems like that little Devil is ready to burst out.” Amber commented on my belly’s size and we laughed,

“ I can’t wait to meet the baby.” Derek said and I smiled at them,

“ what are you two doing here?” I asked them as we sat down,

“ Zac called us and told us to keep you company.” Amber said and I smiled,

“ Zac said that?” I asked with a joyful tone, he always cared for me and called me no matter how busy he was, that was what I liked about him, he showed me appreciation and crazy love, I couldn’t help but to fall for him deeper,

“ Ohhh!! Someone’s smiling at the mention of her boo!” Amber teased and I blushed, Derek laughed,

“ Alright, What should we do?” Derek asked us, I and Amber shrugged our shoulders, I saw Devil entering the backyard, running. He was probably running away from his training with the others once again, he was an lazy ass like me.

He ran towards me and I saw Amber and Derek screaming, Devil sat besides me on the couch and I started to pat his head,

“ R-R-R-R.....” Amber tried to speak up but failed, I laughed and said,

“ Don’t worry, he won’t do anything as long as you don’t.” They stared at each other and then at Devil’s magnificent body and black fur, I saw Martin coming towards us with a chain,

“ I’m so sorry Madam, Devil ran away from his training.” He apologised to me and I smiled,

“ It’s okay Martin, go on Baby.” I said to Devil and he let out a groan before jumping off the couch, Martin wore the chain around his neck and the two of them left the backyard,

“ What the hell!! Who keeps a wild cat in their house!!” Amber said while placing a hand on her heart,

“ Zac does.” Derek replied while breathing heavily, I laughed.

At Night

I walked out of the bathroom after taking a relaxing bath, I only wore a robe. I widened my eyes and let out a squeal as I saw rose petals covering the room, black petal laid on the floor with the red ones, creating a pathway. I followed the black petals, walking on them.

I walked out of the bedroom, I laughed when I saw roses and bouquets placed on the tables, I picked a bouquet and continued to follow the black petals.

I entered the living room, it was full of gifts, roses and other stuff. It was so romantic. When I walked further, I saw white petals mixed laid on the red ones, saying,

“ Will You Marry Me My Little Bambola?” I smiled brightly, two hands wrapped around my waist and he whispered in my ear,

“ What do you say my Little Bambola?” He asked and I laughed, turning around, his hands remained where they were,

“ Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me Bambola?” He asked and I chuckled, tears forming in my eyes,

“ Yes!” I said and he smiled, he wore the ring on my ring finger and kissed me, I hugged him tightly while kissing him back.

Fuck, Love was a crazy thing. Never knew we both would turn out like this.

The End.


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Thank you for supporting me throughout this book and showing me how much you appreciated my work. Love You All,

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