Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Three


Two weeks in that fuckin’ hell and I was already hating it. I got ready for another day in that fucking hell.

Wearing my white shirt, black ripped jeans and red leather jacket, I left my bedroom. I had my hair in a loose bun. I saw Amber cooking breakfast like the usual, the girl was sweet and kind so we tagged along.

She wore peach baggy shirt, plain, with a pair of white ripped jeans and sweater. She had her hair in a loose bun like me. She turned around and screamed, I smirked,

“ Geez!!! you need to stop appearing like a ghost Rebel.” She said and I laughed.

She placed the food in front of me while sitting across from me. I grabbed my fork and started to eat, her cooking skills were damn good.

After eating up, we grabbed our bags and went out. She locked the door and we left,

“ Are we riding your bike again??” She asked,

“ Hm.” I replied and she smiled,

Once reached, I handed her the helmet, she took it and thanked me, wearing it.

I wore my helmet, I got on my black bike and she joined me afterwards, gripping my waist tightly, I started my bike and drove off with a speed.

Reaching the hell, I parked my baby and Amber got off, taking off her helmet. I took off my helmet and placed it on the bike before getting off of it. She placed her helmet on the bike as well and we walked inside.

No-one stared at me due to fear, I got in a fist fight with one of the basketball member, yeah a boy. He was bruised up pretty badly and these fuckers were afraid of me now, not that I mind the fear.

I and Amber had all of the classes together, can you believe that?? But I liked it, I could talk to her when I got bored in the middle of the class.

My parents were surprised when they heard I made a buddy and on top of that a buddy like her but nonetheless they were happy.

We entered our first class and took seats in the back, I saw Derek, one of the basketball members smiling at Amber and she blushed, they liked each other but none of them asked each other out. Derek was a nice guy unlike the bitch that fucking wasted my time by fighting me.

Amber turned her head to me and I passed her a smirk, she blushed harder, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and hugged her, she laughed.

Soon enough the professor walked in with a skeleton in his hand, I chuckled.

After College

I and Amber walked out of the college, talking. I saw Derek coming towards us or should I say her. He stopped and smiled at us, I stared at him blankly while Amber smiled,

“ Hey Amber.” He said, Amber bit her lower lip and replied,

“ Hey Derek.” He smiled, he turned to me and stuttered,

“ H-Hey R-Rebel.” He said and I nodded, he quickly turned back to Amber and said,

“ So, um I’m throwing a party at my place tonight, wanna come?” He asked while rubbing the back of his neck, he was nervous and Amber was surprised,

“ Yeah, sure we will be there.” She replied and he smiled,

“ Alright then, I will be waiting for you...” He said and Amber turned red, he quickly added,

“ two.” I smirked and Amber chuckled, he smiled before leaving. Amber intertwined our arms and said,

“ He is so dreamy!! I can’t believe that he invited us to his party.” She said and I chuckled, we got on my bike and wore our helmets,

“ Correction, he invited you. He had his eyes on you the whole time.” I said and she smiled shyly,

“ Well....whatever, we are going right??” She asked and I nodded, I didn’t have anything to do plus it was gettin’ boring being locked up in the dorm all night.

I started my bike and we drove off.

“ Hm, I will take care of myself, bye, love ya both.” I said in the phone and heard a “We love you too” from the other side, I smiled and ended the call,

“ How are your parents??” Amber asked as she entered the living room with two cups of coffee, I took one and took a sip,

“ God, you’re a good cook babe.” I said to her and she chuckled, she sat besides me and I replied to her,

“ They’re fine.” She nodded her head,

“ When do we get ready??” She asked and I smirked,

“ So anticipated huh??” She blushed and I laughed,

“ We still have two hours, let’s finish our coffee and we will get ready then.” I said and she nodded while taking a sip of her coffee.

After we reached the backside of his mansion, I saw people partying hard in the back yard, some were in the pool with red cups in their hands. The living room was packed up with them. I saw Derek making it his way towards us,

“ Hey girls, glad you could make it.” He said, staring into Amber’s eyes,

“ Hello Derek.” Amber replied with a blush, he stared. I left them alone and went towards the drinks section, grabbing a cup, I took a sip.

After awhile, the loud music was getting to my head. I heard my phone buzzing, I pulled it out and saw a text from Amber,

“ Hey Rebel, I’m staying with Derek, sorry for telling you like this but I couldn’t find you, be safe.”- Amber

I kept the phone back in my jeans, I walked out of the party, no reason for staying in that junkyard now.

I left the place and started to walk, there were no cabs available at the moment. I walked and walked. After minutes of walking, I got slightly tired. I saw a car driving on the road rashly.

I saw the car driving in the forest, I heard a crash. I walked towards it. I saw the car crashed into a huge tree. I walked towards the driver seat and opened it, I saw the driver dead with a hole in his forehead, it was definitely not from the crash.

I checked the backseat in case and saw a man, his stomach was bleeding and he had some other injuries on his wrist. He stared at me as I took out my phone and dialed the emergency number, calling for an ambulance.

I saw his lips curving into a smirk as he closed his eyes. This man was dying and he smirked?? Wow....

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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