Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Four


“ Hm, I’m coming.” I said to Nicola, he replied with a “Yes Boss.” I ended the call and got inside my car, the driver closed the door to the backseat and got inside the driver’s seat, I sensed traitor.

We left the mansion and he increased the speed as if he was in a hurry. I stared at his every move, he was afraid yet in a hurry.....to kill me. I smirked.

If killing me were that easy, each and every one of them wouldn’t be laying in their graves.

I saw him reaching out for his gun slowly, how dumb was he?

“ Only fools would think of doing such things.” I said and he stopped, I reached out for my gun and we both pointed our guns at each other. I stared at him, completely emotionless,

“ And even more foolish to not pull the trigger by now.” I said to him as I pulled the trigger but so did he, just before he pulled the trigger, I threw the gun from his hold using my leg but the bullet however hit my stomach, it didn’t hurt though.

I saw a big hole carved on his forehead, he fell dead in his seat and I laughed while lightening up my cigarettes not caring if the car had lost it’s balance. I took out my phone and called Nicola,

“ Hello Boss.” He greeted me like usually, man I loved that guy,

“ I’m going to be late, wrap up things for me.” I said to him while smoking on my cigarette,

“ You’re shot again??” He asked and I hummed,

“ Want me to come??” He asked relaxed and I released a puff,

“ Nah, stay there and wrap up things for me.” I said before disconnecting the call, the car crashed into a tree and I laughed,

“ Fuck, should try that sometimes.” I said as I threw the cigarette and crushed it with my feet, I was going to leave the car but I saw a girl walking towards the car. She opened the driver seat door and saw the man dead, if it were any normal person, he would’ve fainted.

She came towards the backseat door and opened it up, my eyes met with her brown ones which resembled the colour red, unique. She took out her phone and called for an ambulance, I took this time to check her up.

She was like every other girl, dressing up as tough but weak from the inside but I was mistaken for the first time.

She ended the call and stared at me, I smirked before closing my eyes.

Death could only come to me when I would ask for it, the Demons could only take control over my body when I order them to do so, without my will, even the God couldn’t make me bow down.

There was no fucking way I would die, if someone was going to die, then it was the fuckin’ dumb whore who sent this bitch to me, fucking wasted my time.

I woke up in my bedroom, I saw Nicola and Snake. Snake smiled up at me and Nicola bowed down. I sat in my bed, reaching out for my cigarette and lighter. I smoked as I looked up to them,

“ Don’t worry King, that pussy left the world for good.” Snake said and I nodded, Snake was the MC prez that my father started but he also worked for me, everyone there did. They helped me with the manufacturing and export of guns and drugs. That guy treated me like family. He was in his 30s but don’t go on his age, that man was full of power.

On the other hand, there was Nicola. He was two years elder than me, I found him on the road and took him in. I didn’t do it out of pity, I did it for my work. That guy knew how to make people talk from the very beginning. He checked up on my new imported goods, killed some fuckers and sometimes handled my business affairs.

Then there was my security head, Alex. He was evil and intimidating but certainly not unloyal. He was here from the beginning. He was an year elder than me. He made sure to torture the traitors and protected me.

Having these very loyal people who would die and live for me, I started my mafia empire. And up till this date, I’ve never seen loss, only profit. I was the Godfather, the ruler of the underworld.

I was the most powerful man in the world and I had everyone under my feet, even the royal family was afraid to mess with me. I was powerful and richer than them, I was powerful and richer than everyone.
I was the first and last human who was tilted as the “God”.

Everyone who messed up with me or my boys suffered death, a painful one. I was merciless and fuckin’ evil, more than the Devil himself. In fact, I could teach the Devil some more advanced steps to torture them hoes.

“ More guards have been set up, the security is thrice tighter than it was, oh morning Boss.” I heard Alex saying, Nicola and Snake laughed while I rested my head on the headboard while smoking.

Suddenly that girl from earlier recalled in my mind,

“ Did you found about that girl??” I asked Nicola and he nodded,

“ I checked the hospital CCTVs and saw her, here her info.” He said as he handed me an envelope,

“ She’s no harm.” He said as I took out the page, reading it.

“ Hm, did you interrogate her??” I asked Nicola and he nodded No,

“ No, we were waiting for your orders.” He said,

“ I will send some of our men to get her.” Alex said and I nodded. Alex left the room after bowing down to me,

“ Alright, I will leave now since he’s fine, have some MC work to deal with.” Snake said and left after passing me a smile,

“ Rest well Boss.” Nicola said and left after bowing down to me,

“ Rebel Rose...” Her name rolled up my tongue perfectly,

“ We will have to see how well you can maintain your name, Rebel.” I said before smirking and smoking,

To Be Continued


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