Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Five


Another day in the college went by, life was boring. As I walked out of the college, I saw Amber and Derek holding hands and talking while smiling to one another, yup they were dating and it was finally official.

She smiled brightly as she saw me, I slightly smiled back. She came and dragged Derek with her, she hugged me and said,

“ What are your plans for the weekends??” She asked, the college was giving us one week extension since the teachers were going to another city for some workshop,
“ Nothing special.” I replied to her, she smiled and said

“ Derek and I are going on a small trip, wanna come??” Her voice was full of hope, this girl didn’t know that he wanted them to be alone but I liked the fact that he respected her every decision and supported her, guys like him are hard to find,

“ Thanks babe but I can’t.” I said and she pouted,

“ Please!!” She said and I chuckled, Derek smiled at her cuteness,

“ You’re one adorable cutie pie, you two enjoy, I will leave.” I said to them and walked away after giving Amber a tight hug,

I saw black cars entering the college, catching the sudents attention. I got on my bike, ignoring it. I started my engine and wore my helmet. I saw the cars parking and a guy came out, walking towards me,

“ You need to come with us.” He said, his accent was a mix of Russian and American. I titled my head before releasing a laugh, I stopped and stared at him with an emotionless and cold face,

“ Fuck off before I lose it.” I said to him and he clenched his fists before pulling out his gun and pointing it to my head, I smirked,

“ Is that suppose to scare me, big guy??” I said to him and he smirked, he was going to pull the trigger but a man from behind came up to him and whispered something in his ear, he grunted his teeth and sent me a baleful look,

“ Look, I just fucking took 6 classes and I’m fuckin tired, let’s pause this thing.” I said and gripped my bike,

“ You need to come with us.” He said once again, from the corner of my eyes I saw Amber and Derek making their way towards me, I motioned them to stop and gladly they did,

“ Why?” I asked them and he said,

“ Fuckin’ bitch...” I clenched my fists and stared at him, no-one curses at me, I got off my bike and he watched me cautiously, I took off my helmet and placed it on my bike before turning around with a jump and kicking that ass’s face with my feet, he stumbled back and glared at me, he came towards me, enraged.

He grabbed my neck and damn his grip was tight, I kicked his balls and he groaned, loosening his grip on my neck. I kicked his stomach and he punched mine. Damn that bitch was strong...

He pointed his gun at me once again,

“ Fuckin’ get in willingly or I won’t hesitate to pull the damn trigger.” He said, tone dead serious. I smirked, no fun if I just get inside and these guys definitely wanted me for God knows what,

“ Where’s the fun in that??” I said as I started my bike, he pulled the trigger and shot my arm, I cursed and heard Amber yelling out for me while the students around gasped, I turned my head to Amber and saw her running towards me, I motioned Derek to stop her and he did but he was worried as well.

The guy was coming towards me, I started my bike and drove off, I heard the guy yelling,

Гребан, садись в машины!!(Fuckin’ get in the cars!)”

I heard cars starting and driving, fuck what the hell did they wanted??

I took turns and switched lanes, increasing my speed. I couldn’t care less if I was violating the law right now or the fact that my arm was bleeding like never and was hurting like a bitch, I just wanted them off my back.

I saw them getting close to me, I cursed and gripped my bike tighter, taking turns. I squeezed my bike through the river of cars which rested on the road due to traffic. I heard people cursing at me and I swear if those thugs weren’t following me, I would’ve taught them a real goddam lesson.

I saw them entering the forest, I cursed. They were fuckin’ smart. Eventually I saw cars blocking the road ahead for me. I stopped my bike and stared at them, the passenger side window pulled down and the guy pointed his gun at me once again, he smirked.

I gripped my bike and took a turn, I never drove this fast in my entire life!!! Seriously these people were trouble and when I say trouble, I mean real fucking trouble. They were for sure engaged in the underworld.

I entered the forest and drove, those bastards continued to follow me. I released a wild growl. Dodging every tree neatly, I made my way towards God knew where.

I saw one of them pulling out their gun and shooting my bike’s tyre, the bike lost it’s balance. I jumped off of it and it went crashing into a tree. I groaned as I got up, some parts of my body were bruised up, they stopped their cars and the guy came out once again. I stared at him, he pulled my hair and I clenched my jaw and fists,

“ Get in the damn car bitch.” He said again and I stared at him, I grabbed the straps of my bag and brought it to the front with a force, hitting his face with it. He groaned and clenched his fists, I smirked,

“ Call me bitch again and you will die.” I said, I saw men coming out with guns, they were all intimidated and tall, well built and tough, they had tattoos all over their bodies.

The guy turned me around and grabbed my waist, he injected something inside my skin and I felt everything becoming dark....fuckin’ bitch drugged me...

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,


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