Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Six


Coming out of my bedroom, I saw Nicola outside, he bowed down to me and I nodded.

I walked and he followed me from behind, I had my one hand in my jeans and the other one wrapped around my cigar, smoking. I wore a white polo shirt revealing my triceps and tattoos with a pair of black jeans and black matte sneakers, my outfit would be incomplete without my wrist watch.

We walked downstairs, passing the hallways, we entered the dark familiar place. Getting inside the elevator, the doors closed behind us.

The doors opened up to the dark basement, we walked out and I walked towards the room. I walked inside and saw the girl tied up to the chair with rope in a method that would have the professional banging their heads against the wall out of frustration, unable to escape.

She was arouse and mad, her eyes fell on me and she frowned,

“ Don’t fucking tell me I’m here because of YOU!!” She yelled and recieved a slap from Alex, she licked the blood off of her lower lip and smirked,

“ You need to gain some muscles lil’ boy.” She provoked and Alex took out his gun, ready to end her,

“ You got balls.” I said to her and she stared at me blankly, I sat in the chair in front of her, besides us was a table full of equipments, I studied her features, she was a fucking bambola (Doll), I released a smoke,

“ I heard she gave Austin and the rest a hard time.” Nicola said while laughing darkly, I smirked while staring into her eyes,

“ Is that so??” I said as she stared right back into my eyes,

Alex grabbed the back of her head and pushed her head down, she grunted her teeths and clenched her fists,

“ Eyes down.” He said in his usual dark and intimidating tone,

“ I swear once I’m out of these ropes, I will fucking end you.” She threatened and I leaned back in the chair, enjoying her fierce and wild side.

I motioned Alex to let her go, he instantly let her go and backed up, she looked up to me and I could see the killer look in her eyes,

“ I just need some answers and then you’re free to go.” I said and she tilted her head before breaking into laughter, this time Nicola and Alex including every single guard in the room pointed their guns at her. She looked up, staring around the room and chuckled,

“ Opps.” She said before smirking to me and staring me in the eyes once again,

“ Stop pulling up this act of braveness, I’ve made many courageous people fall to their feet’s in front of me, then you my little bambola are just a common fuckin’ girl.” I said and she scoffed, the guys were going to shoot but I looked up to them, making them put their guns down,

“ Can I leave??” She asked in a bored tone, I smirked while relaxing in my chair and placing my one leg over another,

I turned my head side ways and Nicola came to the front, standing besides my chair,

“ What were you doing on 25th of Jan??” He asked and she looked up to him,

“ Partying.” She replied simply and then stared at me,

“ A teenager walking all alone in the night is quite dangerous and suspicious don’t you think??” Nicola asked as he filled his gun with bullets,

“ I’m not someone who is afraid but feared.” She replied and stared at Nicola,

“ Heard a lot of that. We can take this issue as a coincidence if you give us a real reason as to how you found that route??” He said and I stared,

“ Instead of thanking me for saving his life, you brought me here and are interrogating me, wow!!” She said and Nicola clenched his fists, this girl was getting on everyone’s nerves but she was very lucky to not got on my nerves yet,

Alex pulled the trigger, losing his cool and shot her in her left arm, she groaned and closed her lips. She stomped her feet and turned her head,

“ Fuckin’ release me from these ropes and I will see how you can use that fuckin’ toy of yours then.” She said and Alex smirked evilly,

“ Fucking answer the damn question!!!” Nicola yelled and the girl sent him a glare,

“ Don’t yell at me like I’m your property!!” She yelled back and I got up, everyone became quiet and the room was filled with a dreadful silence.

I grabbed her chin and made her face me, her brown eyes locked with my blue ones,

“ You’re so foolish to speak up again and again despite knowing the consequences...” I said and left her chin with a force, she looked up at me and glared,

I heard a phone ringing, I heard Nicola talking, he ended the call and came up to me, whispering in my ear,

“ Like I said, she’s clean , Snake called up and said that he has some important papers to discuss.” I nodded and he backed up,

I stared at her and threw my cigar, I looked up to Alex and he nodded, I and Nicola walked out,

“ You already knew she was clean, we all knew she was clean yet you interrogated her, why?” Nicola said as we entered the elevator,

“ I wanted to test her limits.” I said and he chuckled with a smirk, the doors closed once again and we headed up.

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!!! Thank you for reading it and I hope you all enjoyed it,


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