Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Seven


That memory was stuck in my mind. I wanted to kill that bitch and his minions.

When I was brought back to the dorms, Amber was crying pools, she cancelled her plans with Derek and they both took care of me. I didn’t tell Mom and Dad about this knowing how they would react, Dad would be ready to go on a rampage and Mom would be ready for a case.

Amber and Derek now knew about the incident of that night, they were sorry but it wasn’t their fault. If someone was to blame, then it was my damn curiosity, curiosity killed the cat.....

Amber made me finish the bowl of soup and got up, Derek made her sit and took the bowl from her hands, taking it to the kitchen. He came back and smiled at me, I smiled back, it felt kinda weird to smile since I was always cold but it felt good to have loyal and true friends in your life,

“ You two should go out.” I said to them and they turned their heads to me,

“ Your health is important.” Amber said and I chuckled,

“ I’m all healed up, you two go out for the night, I will be fine. Besides, stop treating me like a 5 year old.” I said to them and they laughed,

“ We will stay.” Derek said and I sent him a “ I will kill you if you stay” face. He chuckled,

“ Seriously go out.” I said to them and Amber groaned,

“ Yah!! Be quiet, we are watching a movie!” She said and I rolled my eyes,

“ Go out!!” I said and she sighed,

“ FINE!!!” She said and Derek laughed while kissing her cheek, I smiled, they were adorable.

Later that night, the two of them left for a date and I was all alone in the apartment. I got up and went towards my bedroom, I was bored. I wore some white jeans and white shirt with my baggy black hoodie on top. I brushed my hair in a bun and walked out of my bedroom after grabbing my phone and black bag pack.

I left the dorms and walked towards the park. I just wanted to escape the world, unlike me?? I know. But I guess everyone needs an escape from something or from the world at times.

When I reached the park, I sat down next to the tall and old tree. I leaned my back on the tree and took out my novel from my bag, I saw the pencil falling down as I opened the book. I picked it up and continued to read from where I left off.

After finishing 10 chapters, I heard my phone buzzing. I saw Amber’s message,

“ Hey Rebel, I and Derek are going to his home, please be safe and stay inside, love you.”

I smiled as I read the message, they needed some time alone. I replied a “Okay, enjoy.” and kept my phone besides me on the grass.

I closed my eyes and rested my head against the tree, his blue eyes recalled in my mind, I groaned and opened my eyes. I opened my book and continued to read.

I saw huge containers driving past the park, two black cars surrounded the front and back of the containers, I smelled gangsters. All of a sudden, I heard deafening noises of gun shots and loud cursing.

My bad side wanted to go and look but my cautions side yelled to run. I collected my stuff and threw my bag over my shoulder before leaving the park.

As I exited the park, a guy came running towards me. He held me by my waist and pointed his gun at my head, when he turned us around, a person stood at a distance across from us and had my blood boiled.

Fuckin’ bitch!!!

He was the guy who shot my arm in that fucking torture room or whatever it was, he pointed his gun, not sure if he was aiming for me or the guy behind me,

“ Stop or I will shoot her!!!” The guy who held me yelled, that fucker smirked, of course why would he care if I die?? He wanted me dead.

I kicked the guy in his balls and he groaned, I snatched the gun from his hand and kicked his face, making him fall to the ground. I pointed the gun at his heart,

“ I’m fucking tired of people.” I said before shooting his heart, I turned to that fucker. He was still aiming his gun and I was damn sure that the target was me. Fuck me.

I aimed the gun at him and he smirked, we both were going to pull the trigger until I heard a man saying,

“ Alex, time to leave.” Wow, what a day!!!

The guy who asked me questions stood besides Alex, now staring at me. I could hear the sirens from afar. I turned my head to them and that bitch pulled the trigger, shooting my arm. I bit my lower lip and shot his stomach and leg but he dodged it and smirked.

I titled my head and smirked, only if that fucker knew I was a gun expert. I shot him again and this time the bullet entered his skin, he cursed as he held his stomach. That other guy looked up to me and took out his gun. I heard the sirens getting closer minute by minute.

Alex said something to that other guy and he sent me a glare before lowering his gun. I left the place using the shortcut, climbing the walls sand jumping over.

I reached the dorms in no time, I walke towards the bathroom. Taking out the first aid kit, I took off my clothes. I took out the bullet and bandaged my wound.

I cleaned my bloody outfit and wore a new baggy shirt.

I walked to my bed and laid down. I closed my eyes and after resisting so much, his beautiful light blue eyes that could have anyone captivated invaded my mind. I need a psychiatrist.

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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