Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Eight


I was playing with Devil in the front yard when I saw containers pulling up at my mansion. The doors of the containers opened up and my guards started to settle down the money.

I saw Nicola and Alex coming out of the car, Alex was shot in his stomach and leg, they bowed down to me and I stared at Alex wounds. Devil patiently waited for me to throw his ball, I threw it and he ran fetching for it.

“ Play with him.” I said to Martin, my pets care taker. Apart from Devil, I had a pair of white lion and some Dobermans.

I walked towards them and said,

“ That’s unusual.” I said to Alex as I walked ahead, the two of them followed me from behind,

“ Thanks to some bitch, I swear I will kill her.” I stopped as I heard the word “her”. I turned around and stared at Alex with a smirk,

“ Got shot by a girl, how mature.” I said and Alex groaned at me pulling his leg while Nicola let out a laugh,

“ But for real, she’s got skills.” Nicola said and Alex clenched his fists, I turned around and continued my walk, they followed once again,

“ Who is this her??” I asked them and Nicola said,

“ Your saviour.” I could sense the amusement in his tone, I stopped once again and turned around,

“ Rebel was it??” I asked them and Nicola nodded,

“ Contact the Doctor, get them stitched up.” I said to Nicola and he nodded,

“ Yes Boss.” He said,

“ I don’t need a Doctor, I can do it myself.” Alex said and I looked up,

“ Doctor.” I said and he sighed nodding, I left them and walked towards my bedroom. I saw my men taking the money to the storage room and some were kept in bags, ready to be taken to the bank.

I entered my bedroom and walked towards the balcony, continuing my work on my laptop.

Her brown eyes fell before my eyes, she proved her worth to the Godfather but let’s see how will she be able to take me...


Not being able to fall asleep, I got up wearing my white ripped jeans, white shirt and black leather jacket and a pair of black matte combat boots. I left my bedroom and walked towards my garage.

I picked out one of my bikes and brought it roaring to life. I drove off and left my mansion. My Doctor said that I couldn’t fall alseep fully was related to my parents death and I was okay with that. I didn’t need sleep, no predator needs sleep but blood.

I entered the city and drove in. After minutes, I entered a neighbourhood. There was a big and beautiful park besides me. I recognised this road from yesterday’s robbery.

I saw a flash light shone in my way, it was probably a phone flash light. I stopped my bike and the person lowered his phone, closing the flash light. I got off my bike entered the park and towards the person. I was curious.

I saw a girl grabbing her stuff in a hurry, she was going to leave but I grabbed her arm and turned her around. I recognised that woman to be Rebel.

What a coincidence.

I smirked and she glared, I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her waist. She stopped breathing and her heart started to beat faster, her body became warm and she got goosebumps.

Usually these things happen to girls who haven’t been touched by any man before, was she....

I stared into her brown eyes and she in my blue ones,

“ You shot Alex.” I said to her and she glared, she tried to break free from my hold but failed, I pushed her body to the tree and pinned my arms on either side of her head, leaning in,

“ So what?? Are you here for revenge??” She asked and crossed her arms, popping her breasts out. I smirked and caressed her jawline, she didn’t even knew what was she was doing, turns out my little Bambola isn’t as wild as she shows herself to be, rather innocent,

“ No, you and I meeting was a coincidence this time, consider yourself lucky.” I said to her and she scoffed,

“ As if.” I felt my blood boil, I stared at her deadly and she averted her gaze while biting her lips,

“ You’ve never been touched my any man, am I right my little Bambola??” I said to her and she widened her eyes, my evidence.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the park,

“ On.” I said to her and she bit her lower lip, she obeyed me and got on the bike. I smirked while getting on as well. I started off my bike and drove off towards my penthouse.

I had the perfect punishment for her in my mind...

We entered my penthouse and she turned around,

“ I need to leave.” She said and tried to leave but I grabbed her wrist and dragged her further inside,

“ You can leave but after your fuckin’ punishment, Bambola.” I said to her and she gulped, I threw her on the couch and she backed up, I took off my jacket and shirt, she stared at me and sat on the couch, she tried to get off but I pushed her back, she was afraid of losing it and that’s what I liked, the look of fear. Everyone was afraid of something, she was afraid of this,

“ Off.” I said to her and she nodded a No,

“ You leave me with no choice, my little Bambola.” I said as I ripped her outfit apart, her beautiful body was in front of me, I stared at her tattoos.

She wore a set of sexy black Lacey lingerie,

“ Were you waiting for someone, my little Bambola.” I whispered in her ear as I got in between her legs, she bit her lower lip and I felt her body on fire, if you get near fire, you will surely get burnt.

I unclipped her bra and threw it to the floor before attacking her neck, she moaned as I sucked on her skin harder and harder. I took off my boxers and entered her, she moaned loudly and I cursed, she was damn tight and I enjoyed that.

I kissed her lips, tasting her. She tasted like strawberries and milk. She was damn well delicious. I thrusted inside her deeply while she moaned, gripping my back tightly. Tears escaped her eyes as I thrusted inside her faster and rougher, she moaned and her breasts bounced, our bodies moving in a rythm.

“ Fuck.” I cursed as I felt us close, she arched her back in pleasure and was moaning like crazy, her moans were fuckin’ seductive. I left my marks all over her, her white skin now covered in huge and dark purple hickeys.

She moaned loudly as she cummed, I pulled out and cummed. I rested my face in her neck, inhaling her scent and catching my breaths.

She was panting hard, our bodies covered in sweat. I backed my head and stared at her, our eyes locked. She pushed me off and said,

“ You fucking forced me.” She said and I chuckled, I grabbed my cigarette and lighter from the table and lit up my cigarette before releasing a smoke through my nostrils,

“ And what can you do about that, my little Bambola?” I asked her in a challenging yet teasing tone, she bit her lower lip,

“ You’re a psychopath, you need a Doctor.” She said as she got up but fell back, she moaned in pain, perfect punishment for her. But I’m not planning the same punishment for the next time, knowing her personality,

“ Thank you for your opinion, Rebel.” I said as I released another smoke, she picked up my shirt and wore it while sitting in the sofa, the shirt reached her thighs and I wanted to tear it up, I wanted to see her naked,

“ So you searched me up??” She said as she stared at me, I pushed my head back and laughed while smoking,

“ Why?” She asked, her arms crossed, I turned my head to her and smirked, I released another smoke and it spreaded in the air like lust,

“ Find it out.” I said to her and she stared at me,

“ Not interested.” She said as she got up but fell again, I smirked and she sent me a glare,

“ Fuck you.” She said and I laughed,

“ You already did my little Bambola.” I said and she sent me a glare,

“ Don’t ever let me see you again.” She said and I stared at her,

“ That’s up to me to decided, my little Bambola.” I said and she bit her lower lip, gripping her shirt tighter, I smirked.


Stay safe and stay indoors!!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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