Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Nine


Fucking asshole. That fuckin’ Devil was on my mind even though I tried to fight it so damn hard. I was in a coffee shop with Derek and Amber, they sat across from me while going through a magazine,

“ Damn this guy is so successful and yet he doesn’t stop.” Derek said and Amber chuckled, I took a sip of my iced latte while my mind drifted back to him, fuck him,

“ Legend is that he’s never seen loss, there are rumours about him being the Mafia Godfather but that doesn’t effect his image as a successful businessman nor does it effect his business.” Derek said once again and Amber smiled,

“ What’s a Godfather??” She asked with a frown and Derek replied,

“ Godfather is someone who controls the entire underworld, he is said to have a personality of a Devil.” Amber nodded,

“ You seem to like him?” She said and Derek laughed,

“ I would rather not, he’s evil and intimidating, a complete control freak.” He said and Amber laughed, I smirked,

“ Who is this guy?” I asked and they smiled up at me, Derek slide passed me the magazine and the person who I saw on the front page of the “ Hear It From The Legends” had me chocked on my drink,

“ You okay Rebel??” Derek asked and I looked up, I saw them worried, I nodded and said,

“ Yeah I’m fine.” I stared down at the image,

“ Zac Stefan Diego, youngest and richest man in the world is here to change the world’s history with his success.” I read the words written in the first page of the magazine, fuckin’ player.

I closed the magazine and slide it over back to them,

“ No point in wasting time on people like him.” I said and took another sip of my coffee, Derek chuckled while Amber laughed, I saw Derek’s phone buzzing, he picked it up from the table and read something,

“ Oh, I completely forgot about the basketball practice, wanna come along girls??” He asked and looked up to Amber and then to me, I nodded a No,

“ Imma skip, thanks for the offer though, Amber would love to join ya.” I said with a teasing smile and Amber turned red, Derek laughed and hugged Amber before kissing her forehead,

“ Bye Rebel, see you later.” Derek said as they got up and I nodded,

“ Bye Bye Rebel!!” Amber said and hugged me tightly, I laughed and hugged her back, Derek smiled,

“ Take care and stay away from trouble.” She said and I nodded. The two of them left the coffee shop and I stayed back, they left the magazine behind, I didn’t touch it. I hate him, I kept repeating that one thing in my mind again and again until I felt like I would go mad.

I got up after awhile, I left the coffee shop but bumped into someone,

“ Shit.” I said and looked up, I saw someone unexpected,

“ Should’ve checked my horoscope.” I said as I saw Tyler, the basketball team leader who fought me, he scoffed and rolled his eyes, I tried to leave but he grabbed my wrist, stopping me,

“ I have something to say to you.” He stated and I stared at him blankly,

“ What?” I said and he blunted out something so unexpected,

“ Be my girl.” He said and I stared at him as if he had grown two heads,

“ What’s that?? Bad boy is in love with the girl who taught him some manners.” I said and he smiled,

“ You got it right, honestly I never meant to say those things to you but I only did it to have your attention, guess I went too far.” He said while rubbing the back of his neck, he was cute but not my type,

“ I don’t do love, Tyler.” I said to him,

“ Fine by me.” He said and I raised a brow,

“ Why so desperate??” I said and he laughed,

“ Because I’m afraid someone else might win your heart.” He said as he wrapped his hands around my waist, I let him touch me because even right now, his blue eyes were stuck in my mind, I wanted him out of my mind and certainly out of my life,

“ Winning my heart isn’t that easy.” I said and he chuckled with a smile,

“ Let me think about it.” I said to him and he smiled,

“ But if I found out that you had something planned out, I will fucking kill you.” I said to him dead serious and he laughed,

“ Don’t worry babe, I’m not planning on breaking your heart, you will be mine.” That sentence didn’t feel right coming from his mouth, I had a feeling that someone else was chosen to say those words to me.

I need to stop reading those romantic books, they are messing with my head.

He leaned in to kiss me and and our lips brushed against each other, I saw cars pulling up at the coffee shop and the people who came out of those cars made my blood boil.

Tyler and I kissed, I replied to the kiss and he pulled me closer to him.

We broke the kiss and stared at each other, he smiled and kissed the back of my hand, I chuckled,

“ Sick.” I heard the bitch named Alex saying,

“ Only fuckers like you would say that.” I said while staring into Tyler’s eyes, I saw him stopping. Tyler turned around and stared at them, he didn’t seem intimidated at all, I liked that.

I stared at them and saw Zac’s features calm and relaxed as he smoked, Nicola was staring at us and Alex had a smirk plastered on his face,

“ Well if it isn’t the one and only, Tyler Hort.” Alex said and Nicola stared at our intertwined hands before smirking, I turned to Tyler and he stared at me,

“ Let’s leave Rebel.” He whispered in my ear and I stared at them, I leaned in to whisper,

“ I want explanation though.” I said to him and he chuckled,

“ Fine.” He said and I smiled, I glanced at them and saw Alex smirking at me,

“ You got yourself a bitch huh?” Alex said and Tyler turned to him, mad, I frowned, they were trying to provoke him,

“ Jealous much.” I said to him and his expression turned blank,

“ I wasn’t talking to you bitch.” He said and I chuckled darkly,

“ Oh right, you were talking to my man and I simply did the great honours to reply to dickheads like you, you can thank me later on.” I said to him with a wink and Alex clenched his fists, Nicola was staring at me blankly and Zac stared at me with an intense gaze.

We left the place and got inside Tyler’s car, he drove off,

“ Explain.” I said to him and he sighed while driving his black Lamborghini,

“ Well, the Hort’s and Diego’s were rivals ever since I can remember, our families were enemies.” He said and I listened,

“ What sort of rivalry??” I asked him and he sighed,

“ The Diego’s were known to take over other’s territory, when they took over my great great grandfather’s territory, my grandad was engraged and the both elders of the Diego and Hort’s family died due to shooting each other and that’s where it all started.” He said and I nodded,

“ You’re in mafia??” I asked him,

“ My Dad is, I have no interest in running it but I don’t have a choice.” He said and I nodded,

“ How come you’re so weak despite being in the mafia??” I asked him and he chuckled, knowing I was talking about our fight,

“ I was shot the previous day, when you kicked me in the stomach, you re-opened my wound and I had to hid it before anyone could see it, but you didn’t leave me and kept on fighting me.” He said while chuckling and I smirked.

Little did I know, I would give in soon, I would soon be in love, but not with Tyler...

To Be Continued


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