The Mating Season - Spring 2020 Edition: A Collection of Short Stories

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A collection of short stories set in the Millennium Wolves universe. It's Spring 2020 and the world is on lockdown due to a pandemic. What are werewolves to do when they have to stay home while the Mating Season, the time in which all werewolves experience a sexual craze called the Haze? What about werewolves who didn't find a sexual partner in time? Follow new and old characters as they go through these crazy times. (Very heavy on the erotica. Don't expect top-notch literature. Thank you.)

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1st Story

“This is the worst,” I groaned into the phone, my eyes glued to the TV screen in my small apartment. “The Mating Season is almost here! How would I be able to find a partner if we’re not allowed to go out?”

“I don’t know,” Autumn sighed, as frustrated as I was. “This pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’ve just broken up with Chad, hoping I would still have time to find someone else, but now...”

Everything was fucked. My plans - gone. This pandemic that had taken over the world was now forcing us to stay home like hermits, and while I got why, it was still frustrating as hell.

The virus wasn’t as lethal to werewolves as it was to humans, but werewolves could still pass it on to humans, and so the social distancing act was made. The West Coast Pack alpha announced it at the same time the other North America alphas did, and so we were now under house arrest.

Usually, I wouldn’t mind that much. Like most werewolves, I was a social person, but I could also handle being alone, considering my job as an author required putting me under lockdown and write. But the Mating Season was a different matter entirely.

Once or twice a year, the Mating Season arrived, and it brought the Haze with it. The Haze was a sexual craze that took over the werewolf’s body and mind, to the point where the werewolf was beyond normal levels of horniness. It affected all werewolves who hit puberty - sixteen and onward - and this was why finding a fuck buddy beforehand was recommended, unless the wolf was in a relationship or mated.

I was neither, but I’d planned on finding a partner. I’d just finished the first draft of my new novel, and I was so, so ready to get hot and heavy with a hot, sexy wolf - usually, I would be down to have a human, too, since they were always participating in the Season despite it having no effect on them, but the social distancing decree forbade it this time for the obvious reasons, so a werewolf it was. But to get hot and heavy with someone, I needed to go out there, either into the woods, or to a bar, or anywhere, really, to find someone. Now, with this whole social distancing and general lockdown thing, I was screwed.

The idea of not having a partner for the Mating Season was scary as hell. The Haze could drive a werewolf mad in the very literal sense of the word, and it was the worst kind of torture. This was why not finding a partner for the Season wasn’t ever done. Ever.

Just the thought of going through the Season alone made me shiver with fear.

“What are we going to do?” I asked Autumn, my closest friend. “I don’t want to go on Hazer.” Hazer was the dating app for werewolves who needed a last-minute match for the Mating Season. I didn’t want to go on Hazer, though. I’d done it a few Seasons ago, and let me tell you, it so wasn’t worth it.

“We might not have a choice,” Autumn said, and it was obvious she wasn’t fond of the idea, either. “I refuse to solo this Season, and I won’t be going back to Chad. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

I took one last look at the TV screen and shut it. “Dammit,” I hissed, “let’s do this.” Because we were out of options, and my wolf heart knew the Mating Season could hit anytime now, and, like Autumn said, I wasn’t going to go through the Season with only my vibrator for company.


An hour later, I had an account on Hazer. It took me so long to make the account because I had to choose good pictures of myself, and while I loved myself - I truly did - I was not the most photogenic woman in the world. Then I had to think hard on what to write in my description, so I would sound like I wasn’t desperate yet still in hurry.

Then I started looking. Many wolves decided to just post selfies of themselves half-naked and be done with it - and since I wasn’t into it, I simply swiped left, discarding them. I was frantic, sure, but I was also very thorough. No way I was going to compromise any farther. Using the app to begin with was a compromise enough.

Left, left, left, left, left, someone who thought putting his dick as a profile picture which led to “report”, left, and then -

Full stop.

I knew this guy.

Green eyes like a pair of emeralds, dark brown hair shaved at the sides, piercings decorating his ears, and a tall, tanned body full of mouth-watering muscles that weren’t on display, but were obvious from underneath the shirt he was wearing in the picture, and very vivid from my memory.

Declan fucking Saunders.

We were together in high-school. Same classes, different social circles. It’s a cliche, but I was very dorky, while he was the star. Being extremely dominant, athletic, and panty-dropping good looking, he was always surrounded by people, and could get any woman he wanted.

According to rumors I’d heard about him here and there throughout the seven years since we graduated high school, that didn’t change. He was constantly on the list of the Most Desired Season Partners on the She-Wolf Weekly magazine thirsty column.

Which begged the question, why is he on Hazer?

My thumb hesitated over his picture. I bit my lip, debating whether I should swipe right. From my past experience with Hazer, swiping right on extremely hot guys on Hazer never resulted in a match, but maybe...

Maybe it was a worth a shot. I mean, he had an account on Hazer for a reason, no matter how absurd and surreal it seemed that someone like Declan fucking Saunders needed a Hazer account, so what did I have to lose? I doubted he paid for the premium account to see who liked him - someone who looked like him could match with anyone he wanted. Also, I doubted he remembered me. I’d been transparent in high school, after all.

But we weren’t in high school anymore.

Before I could overthink this, I swiped right. My heart boomed in my chest and my cheeks were on fire as I waited. Then...

It’s a match.

Oh. My. God. I matched with Declan fucking Saunders.




’You have a new message.”


I took a deep breath, trying not to think too hard. Yes, Declan was everyone’s crush in high school - Autumn and mine, too, at one point - but I was a grown woman. I was sexier than I’d ever was. I was totally hot.

And he sent me a fucking message. Counting to three, I opened the damned thing and read.

‘The lockdown is going to be effective in fifteen minutes. Either you come to my place or I come to yours.’

My heart skipped a beat and my thighs rubbed each other. There was nothing I liked more than a straightforward man, but boy, Declan took it to a whole different level.

He was right, though. The lockdown would be effective very soon, and I could almost taste the Mating Season, so I was really left without many choices. But what was I even complaining about? It was Declan. Fucking. Saunders.

Not giving myself another moment to think, I sent him my address and texted, ‘Can you make it in time?’

He wrote back, ‘I’ll be at your in ten,’ and that was that.

My heart was way too loud, and I was in a little bit of a daze. Was I... Was I going to have sex with my high school fantasy? That was so cliche on so many levels, and yet...

Hot damn.

Then it occurred to me. I had ten minuted. Nine, because I spent one daydreaming. And I was wearing my PJs with my blonde hair all tousled. Shit.

I kicked myself into action, pulling on some tight skinny jeans that made my already shapely butt even more so, put on lacy red bra that cupped my breasts prettily, and a tank top that showed I wasn’t trying too hard. I then started on my makeup, determined to make my brown eyes seem all dark and smoky, while at the same time I called Autumn.

“You found someone,” she said as she answered.

“Yes,” I said in a rush, “he’s on his way. I don’t have much time. It’s Declan Saunders.”

“WHAT?” She screeched in my ear. “DID YOU JUST SAY - “

“I gotta go,” I said, my cheeks flaming again. “’Just letting you know.”

“He’d better not catfish you!” She yelled as I hung up.

God, I hoped I wasn’t being catfished too. I hadn’t even thought of the possibility, but what if it was someone else?

I shook my head. No time to dwell on it. Besides, I could see who it was through my kitchen window before they reached the door, so I could be prepared.

Putting on a light shade of lipstick, then pulling my hair into a high ponytail, I was just about to put on werewolf-exclusive perfume - made for a werewolf’s sensitive nose - when my acute hearing caught the noise of a car driving down the road. Since it was almost ten in the evening and street was dead, it must be Declan.

Declan. Good God, was this really happening, or was he a fraud?

Taking a deep breath, I ran to the kitchen and picked through the window as the car came to a stop near my house. It was a posh car, a black Land Rover, all shiny and sparkly, and my eyes were glued to the driver seat door, waiting.

It opened, and out of it came the tall, muscular God I remembered from high school, only so much better looking than his pictures - and my memory. He wore jeans, boots, and a white tee with leather jacket over it, which made his shoulders seem even broader, and his muscles... Did they look as good naked? I bet everything I had that yes, they did.

He was coming closer and I back off the window. Moments later, the doorbell rang. I did a little happy dance that he was here, that I might’ve landed a goldmine, and that he certainly did not catfish me, and opened the door at once, not prepared for the onslaught of a full frontal.

He was so much more gorgeous up front, and my tongue twisted, making me lose my ability to speak. Hot, sexy, incredibly yummy... I felt a drool coming and managed to stop myself from humiliating myself only just.

I wasn’t the only one staring, though. Declan seemed to have his own share of scanning me from head to toe, and whatever he saw made his lips twitch. That kind of snapped me out of my drool-induced daze. “Declan?” I asked, looking up to his face since I didn’t want to speak while ogling his biceps.

He snapped his eyes up as well, and they clashed with mine. Something moved in them, and he gave me a half grin. “Chelsea,” he said, his voice deeper and rougher than I remembered, and brought up his hand. Frowning, I looked at what he held and my heart stopped. “I hope you’re prepared for the next couple of weeks.”

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish. Because in his hand was a duffel bag. “The lockdown,” I whispered, realization coming a little too late, and my reaction...

My thighs jerked, wanting to clench themselves as my toes curled and my panties got all wet. Because he, like me, and all werewolves, felt the Season was coming, and with the whole quarantine thing going on...

Fuck. Me. Sometimes I was so fucking slow.

Declan cocked his head. “Not letting me in?” He paused, and those lips turned into a smirk. “Scared?”

I snapped my eyes back up to his. “No,” I said, and felt something burning inside my belly, pooling down in my core like molten lava. I cleared the entrance. “Come on in.”

He entered, and just as I closed the door, I felt it. The air changed as if God pressed a switch, thickening and growing hot. Suddenly my skin was too tight, my clothes like a heavy rock over my body, suffocating me, while my pussy clenched, wanting to wrap itself around something hard and strong, wrap tightly, warmly, slickly...

The Mating Season was here.

Something thudded on the floor. Later I realized it was Declan’s duffel bag. Then I was shoved against the wall, trapped between it and a hard, hot body that had the sheen of sweat. “We’ll get to know each other later,” he murmured against my mouth in an even voice that held the slightest edge of a growl. His green eyes bore into mine as he pushed his knee between my legs, pressing it against my jean-clad burning sex, and his hands found my waist, grabbing it so tightly that a moan was choked out of me. “Say that this is okay with you.”

We were both Hazed, and in all honesty, the last thing I wanted at the moment was talk. Instead of replying, I grabbed his face and crushed my lips against his, moaning into his mouth as he plastered me against the wall even harder, his thigh rubbed against my vagina in such an intimate way, I almost came.

But I needed more, and I knew for a fact that he needed more. Breaking the kiss, I somehow managed to utter, “Clothes.”

My top was in shreds a moment later. Thank God I didn’t like that one too much. My jeans followed in a less violent way. I was in my undies, yet he was still fully clothed, and I didn’t like that. Not one bit. I needed those abs.

I pushed his leather jacket off, but he took his shirt off himself, giving me a strip show. I almost moaned when I saw the chest he revealed, full of chiseled, likable muscles covered by that delicious tanned skin and a layer of sexy dark hair that made everything in my ache. I was about to touch but then his fingers were inside my panties and inside me in one swift movement that my back arched and a curse erupted out of me.

Fuck foreplay. We would have plenty of time for that later anyway.

My claws were out and I almost ripped his jeans off, but he helped me there. Somehow his shoes were off as well, and soon his briefs and my panties followed. He was careful with the bra, though, and only tugged it away, trying not to rip it apart even though I saw he was running out of patience.

Sometimes, it was all about sex in its rawest form.

I barely got a good look at his cock as I wrapped my arms and legs around him, stared at him, and said, forgetting who I was talking to for a moment, “It better be worth my while.”

He gave me a smirk that my impossibly wetter. “You seriously have no idea what you got yourself into.”

Then he was inside me in one, swift movement, stretching me to the fullest, and I was screaming as he pounded in and out of me so hard, I could feel every inch of him, every thrust, every friction.

And fuck, it was so, so good.

I didn’t do much but hold on to him as he rode me and him out of our Haze and into an orgasm that made me explode around his thick cock, and made him empty himself, too, but I didn’t feel the cum. Somehow, without me even seeing but grateful that he did, he put on a condom, saving us both from trouble.

Thank God someone was thinking somewhat straight.

We were breathing hard, him inside me still and me completely limp, and I was in no hurry to move. But he was, since he slid out of me, and gently unwrapped me from around him, easing me down back to Earth, literally and figuratively.

I leaned against the wall, feeling bliss, and looked at him as he put on his briefs. “So,” I said, my voice husky, almost purring like cat. “You’re Declan.”

He turned to me with a grin, and for a moment, his eyes dipped to my breasts before coming back to mine. “And you’re Chelsea,” he said.

God, everything was happening too fast. “Let me give you the tour?” I asked, eyeing his butt as he leaned down to pick up my discarded bra. I almost moaned when he straightened.

“Sure,” he said, handing the bra over. His eyes lingered on my breasts for a few more moments before he dressed up with the rest of his clothes.

I put on the rest of mine, then fetched a new top because my previous one was ruined, and showed Declan the house. Once I was done, I turned to him. “Sleep or food?” I asked.

“Food?” He said, grinning a little. “Maybe talk?”

“Sounds good,” I saiid, chuckling nervously. Only now that the Haze was sated for the time being, it occurred to me I had agreed to let a man I didn’t know sleep over for two weeks until the end of lockdown, and the Mating Season. Yes, I knew of him, but we never interacted in the past, and I didn’t know anything about him except for the fact he gave good rough sex. Really good rough sex.

We went to the kitchen and I heat us both some pasta. I was a little jerky now, anxious about what was to come. Usually, I didn’t bother getting to know my sexual partners, since I had no intention for this different type of intimacy to either make me hate them or love them. I just needed their dicks and be done with it.

But the Mating Season this time didn’t allow for much freedom in a sexual relationship. No, we were under lockdown, and that meant a seriously intense time was ahead of us. That meant talking would probably be a part of it.

“I remember you, you know.”

I jumped, turning my back to the microwave and finding myself inches away from Declan. I sucked in a breath, which made my chest fuller, grazing against his. Arousal made its way inside me, but I controlled myself. We’d just had sex and sated the Haze. I could hold on for a little while longer, dammit.

“You do?” I asked now, focusing on what he’d said.

He nodded, putting his hands on the counter, caging me in. Again. It was a blatant dominant gesture, one that was meant for me to feel exquisitely feminine. “From high-school,” he clarified, rendering me speechless.

My lips parts, creating a perfect O, but no sound came out. He remembered me. Declan fucking Saunders remembered me? Little dorky Chelsea Stevens? How... How was that possible?

A smirk flirted with his lips. “I kinda liked you back then.”

Huh? “No, you didn’t,” I blurted, my cheeks flaming when he arched an eyebrow. I cleared my throat and said, “I mean, you couldn’t have. I was...” invisible. Nerdy. Ran with a different social circle. Didn’t stand out at all, not academically or looks-wise.

He leaned toward me, took a deep whiff, and abruptly stepped back. “Food is ready,” he said, motioning toward the microwave. He sat down near the dining table, a half-grin on his face.

I served us both the heated pasta and sat before him. We ate in silence at first, and I felt awkward, uncomfortable. Then, a few minutes later, he said, “I didn’t lie, Chelsea.”

Raising my eyes to him, my cheeks hot, I frowned. “That makes no sense.”

He leaned forward. “Why is it so strange to think I might’ve had a crush on you back then?”

For too many reasons to count. “Because you’re Declan Saunders,” I said simply, shrugging, trying not to fidget under his intense gaze, his green eyes glowing a little with the wolf inside him. “You were the star of school. Everyone wanted you, so excuse me if I find it a little weird that you liked me.

He put down his fork, his eyes almost fully glowing. “Have you looked in the mirror?”

I rolled my eyes at the cliche line. “You don’t need to humor me,” I informed him.

He leaned back and folded his arms. “Did you want me?” He asked, abruptly changing the subject again.

I blinked. “What?”

“You said everyone liked me,” he said, and for some reason his face was serious. “Did you?”

“Of course,” I said, surprised he would even ask. “You were every sixteen-year-old girl’s wish come true. Everyone wanted to have you as their first partner for the Season.” Including me. Instead, I gave my virginity to Toby Gilmore, who was as much of a disappointment as many others who followed.

He looked at me for a few moments, then smiled, shaking his head. “Damn. Then I could’ve had you back then.”

What the hell was going on? “I told you, you don’t need to woo me,” I said. Then, to lighten the air because I felt like my heart was going to burst with the intensity of his words, I spread my arms and said melodramatically, “I am your for the taking!”

One moment he was watching me with bright green eyes. The next, I was no longer sitting, but rather I was in his arms as he sprinted toward the bedroom. My heartbeat escalated as he dumped me very unceremoniously on the bed and without giving me a moment to breathe, he was on me, his hands wrapped around my wrists, pushing them on the mattress, effectively caging me again.

My wolf rose to the surface, coloring my eyes a bright shade of blue. “Declan?” I inquired breathily.

He stared down at me as he spread my legs and settled his hot, heavy body between them. “You were my personal fantasy back in school,” he told me in a soft murmur, lowering his head so his lips were inches from mine. “I remember seeing you once in the hallway. You were with your friends, and I was with mine, and I remember looking at you, thinking you’re my every fantasy come true, with this pretty blond hair, these killer eyes, and the curvy, lush body. And then you smiled.” His eyes dropped to my lips. “You smiled, and I was a goner. I wanted you so bad, but you already chose someone for that first Season of us both, so I settled for someone else. And every Season, it was the same; I was always too late to have you.

“I gave up once we graduated and moved on,” his eyes returned to mine, his chest lowering so it rubbed against mine, making my nipples harden and my Haze to awake. “But today I saw you on that app and knew that if you swiped right, I would finally have you.”

My lips were dry, my pussy drenched, and all I wanted was to melt. Because he wasn’t lying. His eyes were dead-serious. “God,” I murmured huskily, “you know how to get a girl all hot and bothered.”

He put both my wrists in a hold of one hand and used his free one to slither under my jeans and panties, cupping me intimately. I sucked in a breath, my Haze roaring to life. “Knowing that you had a crush on me, too, makes this whole situation much better,” he told me, grinning wickedly. “Now I know why you swiped right.”

“And apparently, I know why you did, too,” I said, gasping as he pushed two fingers inside me, pumping me. My back arched and I wriggled under him, beyond hot. “Fuck me, Declan.”

“Soon,” he murmured, then my jeans and panties were gone. Before I could gather my thoughts, they scrambled once his mouth was on my pussy, sucking in my juices, biting my pained clit, wrenching a shocked orgasm out of me, causing me to squirt directly into his mouth.

I was about to scurry away, because I knew most men didn’t like it, but he grabbed my thighs and held me in place, drinking me in, making me shiver, and spasm when he put his tongue inside me and did something with it that made the second orgasm build as fast as the first one, until he rubbed my clit with his finger and made me see pretty stars a second time.

I was a complete mush by the time he got rid of my top and bra. He then took off his clothes in less than five seconds, and then he pushed my legs open, and settled his cock against me, tearing a condom pack with his teeth and putting it on.

I could finally see it clearly this time. It was a gorgeous cock, long and thick and oh so erotic. Everything in me pulsed, my Haze beyond insatiable now, but he took his time, gazing down at me, licking his lips. “You’re mine,” he murmured sexily, his eyes on my breasts, and his hands followed the gaze, grabbing them, pinching the hard nipples, causing me to be beyond soaked. “Fucking mine.”

A little possessive thought made me unleash my claws and put them on his waist. “You’re mine now, too,” I said, grinning at him, feeling giddy. Yes, for the Season, he was mine. Declan Saunders was mine.

He grinned back, and with one, hard thrust he was buried inside me, and I moaned loudly with how full I felt, so full it was almost painful, but it was the best kind of pain, and I didn’t want him to stop. I refused to have him stop.

I needed more. I needed everything.

He started moving, pounding inside me hotly and roughly, making me spread my legs wider to accommodate him better. I grabbed his shoulder and tugged his body down so it was plastered against me, pushing me against the mattress as he moved inside me so fast, I felt everything in me tighten in anticipation.

He pulled back from me a little so he would look down at my face. He then sent one hand to grab my breast, and shot another down my body to rub against my clit. I lost it then, erupting around him, climaxing so hard, I almost screamed. My back arched off the bed, and his grab on my breast tightened while he quickened the pace as my wetness grew denser around his hard, thick length.

But he wasn’t done. Oh, he was far from being done. With one swift movement, he had his arms around me and he pulled me up so I was sitting on him. His hands moved to hold my legs under my knees, as he pounded inside me from this position. He felt even bigger like this, hitting all the right places inside me, and I held on to him, riding him, feeling pleasure upon pleasure washing over me.

His teeth bit my nipple, making me come again, but he wouldn’t stop. Instead, he changed position again, pushing me to my front, settling behind me, and sliding all the way in, kneading my butt, slapping it as I tried to match his fast, hard thrusts with my own glides, and half failing. I wasn’t as dominant as he was. But fuck, I didn’t want to be dominant in bed with him. He was plenty enough for both of us, and my body couldn’t like it more.

“Mine,” he growled hotly against my ear, pasting his front to the length of my back, his hand rubbing my butt cheek possessively as he suddenly buried himself inside me to the hilt, and paused. “Say you’re mine.”

“Yours,” I moaned as he slid out of me inch by slow inch, then thrust harshly again, making my gasp.

“Chelsea Stevens,” his growl deepened, turning into a silky murmur. “Pretty, sexy, Chelsea...”

He flipped me to my back again, and then moved, pounding in and out of me so fast, this time I did scream as the orgasm ripped out of me violently. He growled deep in his chest, and I knew he was close, too. This time, I put my arms around his neck, planted my lips on his, kissing him deeply and hotly, letting my hands roam down to his ass, digging my nails in it as I grabbed him closer, and then he thrust one last time, shuddered, and growled in my ear as he came.

I could barely breathe, holding on to him as I was, my body exhausted from all the orgasms he violently coaxed out of me. He was breathing hard, too, still inside me.

Some time later, he rolled off me. I turned to my side, ignoring my body’s need to stay put to ride the bliss out, and stared at him. “Thank you for my orgasms,” I told him, feeling dorky, but too much of a mush to care.

He snorted out a laugh. Putting the used condom in its torn package, he turned to me and pulled me close, wrapping himself around me. “I should thank you,” he said, and his eyes met mine.

Something stirred inside me. I couldn’t blink, couldn’t tear my eyes away from his, and I tried to follow the little piece of knowledge that unfurled inside me. When it came, I froze, shocked, staring at Declan fucking Saunders with huge eyes.

His were just as big. But while I was in shock, he got ahold of himself much faster and drew me even closer, his lips inches from mine. “You’re full of surprise, Chelsea,” he murmured against my lips, and I felt him harden against my thigh.

My pussy was still sore, but it grew slick with a new wave of wetness, thanks to the new information I acquired. “No, you are,” I told him, disbelief and wonder making me feel weak, shocked, and so fucking ecstatic it wasn’t even funny.

“You have no idea,” he said, grinning wickedly, and slide inside me, condom-less this time. Not that I minded. God, I didn’t fucking mind at all. I moaned, my claws unsheathed, digging into his skin.

“My high school friends would go ballistic when I told them,” I said on a gasp as he took his cock out, then pushed oh so slowly inside me, the friction driving me crazy.

“I’m so fucking happy you opened that Hazer account,” he growled, and his teeth sank into the soft spot between my neck and shoulder, where a lover marked their partner.

Or, in our case, where a werewolf marked their mate.

This time, the sex was slow, a burn that made me feel filled up to the fullest, that made me want to grab on Declan and never let go.

And I wouldn’t have to let go. Because he was my mate, and he was alllll mine.

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