Undercover Groomsman

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Chapter 10

My anxiety had slowly gone away by the time I was discharged from the hospital the next day. My nose on the other end still felt as if I had run headfirst into a train and the train had won. The doctor assured me that with some painkillers I would be ok. I was doubting that when I stepped outside the hospital doors to see Audrey waiting for me, the biggest grin on her face.

“Someone’s finally getting broken out of here. Come on get in the car, I have something to tell you then we’re going shopping.” Audrey gave me a brief hug before stepping around to the driver’s side door.

“Geez. You’re more excited to get out of this place than I am.” I chuckled as I climbed into the car next to Audrey.

We had barely pulled out of the parking lot when Audrey glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. “With Thomas and Declan being gone, there’s something I want you to know.”

“And what would that be?”

“That I’m pregnant.” I snapped my head towards Audrey, a grin now as wide as hers on my face as I looked at her.

“Oh my god, Audrey that’s amazing! Congratulations! How long have you known?”

“I’ve had a feeling about it for a few weeks now, but I just got it confirmed yesterday while I was visiting you at the hospital. Which means Thomas does not know. I want to surprise him with the news when he comes back from camping.”

“That’s why we’re going shopping. You want me to help with a cheesy but cute way to tell him.” The smirk on Audrey’s face only confirmed my suspicions. “God damn it Audrey you know babies are my kryptonite.”

“Would I be your best friend if I didn’t exploit your greatest weaknesses to my advantage.” She gave me a knowing look before turning down a busy street. “Now I think it’s confession time for you.”

I raised a confused eyebrow before glancing out the passenger window. “Confession time? There’s nothing for me to confess.”

“Oh, I think there is. Like what’s the deal between Declan and you?” My throat constricted as the sound of the words Declan and I. Ha, fat chance. There is no chance that anything would happen between us besides friends. Sure, he has been nice to me but that is him just being friendly. It’s not like Declan has ulterior motives and even if he did, I sure as hell want nothing to do with him.

“What in the hell are you talking about Audrey?”

“Come on Margaret don’t act like I haven’t noticed. You are the first person I have seen him be more than tolerable to since I’ve met him. Besides, I saw what he did for you at the bar.”

“I thought that was weird for him,” I told Audrey truthfully as she slowed the car down on the side of the street. “I just thought it was you that convinced him to do that.”

“Sweetheart, that was all Declan. Why he did it I have no idea but its’ obvious there is something going on, even if it’s just on his side.” Heat rose in my cheeks as I got out of the car with Audrey on my heels. No there was no way. I refused to believe that Declan came over and pretended to be my boyfriend because he wanted to. That would mean that there was something he was feeling towards me, whether it was friendship or not. Combine that with what happened in the hospital and it was leaning more towards the latter. There is absolutely no way Declan feels that way about me.


After several hours and multiple stores later, Audrey and I had finally found the perfect way to tell him. At first, she wanted to go all out. In the end, I convinced her to just get a few balloons and a white onesie that said, “soon to be favorite”. The minute she saw it, I watched tears of joy appear in Audrey’s eyes. I had only known for a few hours, but I already knew Audrey was going to be the best mother to her baby.

It was nearing 10 at night when I settled into the soft covers of the bed. Reaching over, I grabbed the remote and turned the tv that sat on the dresser by the foot of the bed. I logged into Hulu and continued my third ‘watching’ of Prison Break. Why watch something new when there’s something out you know you already love?

The episode had been playing for ten minutes when my phone vibrated next to me. Raising an eyebrow, I grabbed my phone and opened the text from an unknown number.

Hey. A few seconds later the same number sent another text. It’s Declan.

Why the hell would Declan be texting me? I never gave him my number. I shot off a quick reply of “How’d you get my number?” before setting my phone down and turning my attention back to the television.

A few minutes passed before my phone buzzed again. My eyes were still focused on the screen as I read his reply. I may or may not have taken the number from Thomas’s phone when he left it on the table.

M: Why not just ask for the number yourself? Considering that would have been easier.

D: Ehh, that takes the fun out of the whole thing *Shrugging shoulder emoji*

M: Wait, how are you texting me? Shouldn’t you be out camping?

D: Thomas and I are out getting supplies

M: At ten at night??

My phone didn’t go off for several moments and I couldn’t help but chastise myself at that. Who are you to question when they go get supplies for camping? Besides, it doesn’t concern you!

A few seemingly excruciatingly long minutes later my phone finally went off.

D: What can I say, I am an unconventional man.

Listen, I know I already told you this in the hospital, but I am sorry I have put you through this Margaret. I’ve had several broken noses and I know they are a pain in the ass. I can only imagine the pain you are going through right now.

A few moments passed before he sent another text. I never meant to hurt you.

I couldn’t help but be taken back by what Declan said. I knew he felt bad about breaking my nose as any person would, but his last text made the situation feel- different. Almost as if there were some hidden context to the phrase.

M: It’s fine Declan, honestly. I know it was an accident. Besides, they have me on some painkillers, so I will be just fine when it comes to the pain.

I had just managed to get sucked back into the show when my phone vibrated several times in short succession. Come on Declan, let me watch my Prison break in silence!

D: You are too forgiving for your own good Sweetheart.

I will let you get some rest; you need it. I’ll check in tomorrow.

Sweet dreams Mags.

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