Undercover Groomsman

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Chapter 15

Of course, this is the time for my klutziness to show! You couldn’t have picked a worse time for this Margaret!

I did my best to dry my eyes as I heard Audrey and Declan approach from the other room. By the time they entered the room, I was casually leaning back against the kitchen island, hoping that my smile was big enough to distract them away from my already bloodshot eyes.

“You ok in here?” Audrey asked, raising her eyebrow as she glanced between me and the fallen platter.

“Yeah. I just came in here to get ready when I bumped into the counter. That’s what I get for not paying attention to where I’m going.” I chuckled, making sure to keep my eyes down as I walked past them to my room.

With my back towards the door, I allowed a few tears to slip down my face as I walked towards the dresser. My theory is if I put time into putting makeup on myself, I’m not going to want to cry it off.

A soft knock sounded through the room as I zipped open the makeup pouch. “You sure everything’s ok Maggie?” Declan’s voice asked me, an unusually soft tone to his voice.

“Everything’s great, why wouldn’t it be. My best friend’s getting married.”

He stayed silent for a few moments, sighing as he backed out of the room. “All right then. I guess I’ll see you in a few hours.”

It wasn’t until he had fully exited the room that I let the tears fall down my face. There’s nothing more I wanted to do right now than to breakdown and call Declan out on his bullshit but now’s not the time. Audrey’s getting married today. It’s her day. She doesn’t need me making a scene which I most certainly would.

Despite my current condition, I managed to get ready in just under an hour. Looking in the mirror, I looked nothing like I did before I got ready. My long hair was now up in a French braid, secured tightly against my head. The makeup on my face did wonders to hide nearly every blemish on my face as well as the various pimples scattered across my forehead.

In the mirror behind me, I saw Audrey still clad in her white robe make her way into the room. “Well. Don’t you just look as pretty as a magnolia in May.”

“Thanks.” I tried smiling back to her, but my smile fell flat.

“You know, don’t you?” Audrey’s voice was quiet as she slowly made her way closer towards me.

“How do you- “

“You seriously expect me to believe the whole klutz bullshit?” I turned around to face Audrey. Tears welled in her eyes as she did her best to hold my gaze.

“Margaret, I’m so sorry for not saying anything to you. After all you’ve done for Thomas and me for this wedding and this is how I repay you!”

“I don’t blame you, Audrey. You love Thomas. You were just looking out for him. I can’t be mad at you for looking out for him. Declan on the other hand- THAT’S another story.” Audrey and I shared a quiet laugh before she spoke up.

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

“Because this isn’t the time nor the place to say anything. Besides, I’ll be on my way home tomorrow and will most likely never see Declan after that. There’s no need to bring it up.”

Audrey leaned forward, bringing me towards her in a bone-crushing hug. “You’re the best friend I could ever ask for, you know that right?”

I hug her back tighter. “I better be after everything I’ve done.”

“Now Audrey, let’s go get you fucking married.”

Audrey and Thomas’ ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. It only took five minutes for me to be bawling my eyes out as I stood next to Audrey. All throughout the ceremony, Declan would sneak glances at me. I did my best to avoid him as I kept my attention focused on the wedding. In 12 hours, I would be able to avoid Declan for the rest of my life. But, for the sake of Audrey’s day, I had to put on a brave face.

The transition from ceremony to reception was surprisingly seamless. Within a matter of 30 minutes, all the chairs had been carried away and replaced by a light-up, white platform that served as the dance floor.

After Thomas snaked Audrey away from me, I holed myself up at a table set up in the corner of the backyard. I couldn’t force myself to have a good time. I’ve only know Declan for a week and a half and yet I feel so betrayed. I knew getting involved with him wouldn’t be a smart idea, I just didn’t think it would be this fucking idiotic of an idea.

It’s better that I found out now instead of later. I was hesitant on whether Declan and I would continue after the wedding. This is probably god’s way of letting me know that things wouldn’t have worked out in the end. Even though I appreciate the sign, it still fucking sucks, regardless if I wanted this to happen or not.

As I raised my glass of champagne to my lips, I watched as Declan began approaching me from the opposite side of the backyard.

He didn’t say anything as grasped my hand and pulling me away from the table.

“I think it’s about time you and I danced together.”

A nervous chuckle escaped my lips as I set my glass down. “I’m not sure I’m really up for a dance- “

“Come on, I want to show everyone that I easily have the best-looking girl as my date.”

“Since when am I your date?”

“Well, I figured since we’ve both established that we’re crazy about each other-”

I began resisting against Declan as he pulled me onto the dance floor. “Declan about that- “

“Mags I told you we’d talk about us later. Allow me just a few minutes of pleasure before we have a conversation that’s going to break my heart.”

And just like that, I snapped. I ripped my hand out of Declan’s grasp as I took a few steps away from him. “Like the conversation of you being Thomas’ bodyguard and lying to me about it the entire time you’ve known me?”

Declan’s eyes widened in surprise as his hands dropped to his sides. “What? Didn’t think I’d find out before you told me? Did you really think I was stupid enough that I wouldn’t find out?”

“That’s not what I thought at all Margaret, I was just waiting until after the wedding to explain it all of this.” With every step he took towards me I took a step backward.

“I don’t want to hear it Declan, I don’t.” I raised my hands in defense as I made my way towards the house.

“Please Margaret just let me explain- “Desperation filled Declan’s eyes as he tried approaching me once more.

I picked up my pace, now almost jogging as I crossed the backyard and entered the house. I didn’t stop until I had entered my room and locked the door shut behind me. My back slid against the door until I fell to the floor with a thud, the tears streaming down my face at a steady rate.

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