Undercover Groomsman

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Chapter 3

The embarrassment had yet to stave off when I woke up the following morning. God, I cannot believe I was stupid enough to do that, let alone almost get caught. Declan’s been relentlessly teasing me, and I don’t know him. Imagine how bad it would be if he found out I was practically gawking at him.

I barely had enough time to get dressed and fix my hair before I heard the sound of pounding footsteps as they came down the stairs, followed by Audrey’s booming voice.

“Rise and shine Margaret! We’ve got dress and tux fittings in an hour and I’d rather not be late!”

“Being productive this early in the morning is considered cruel and unusual punishment!” I shouted back, earning a chuckle from Audrey.

“Once you’re ready we can go. Thomas and Declan are going to ride together.” Nodding my head, I took the next five minutes to finish getting ready. After grabbing my purse and keys, Audrey and I got into my car and we headed down the road.

“You’ll be meeting my only other bridesmaid Kate today. She is my soon to be sister in law. You will love her. She’s just like Thomas only- female.” Audrey said roughly 10 minutes after we had left the house.

Both of us laughed as I pulled down a narrow cobblestone road. According to Audrey, we were now on the outskirts of Nashville. It did not take long for me to see throngs of cowboy boot-clad women and plaid shirt wearing guys as they walked down the street. Even in the short distance we had traveled there was already an immense culture shock. Every house we passed by seemed to have country music spilling out of its windows.

I was too busy admiring the sights when Audrey suddenly tapped my shoulder. “Pull off to the side here on the right. The shop’s right there.”

When I pulled off to the side of the road, I laid my eyes on a quaint tailor. It was a one-story building with a black frame exterior. A woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties stood outside the shop. Her black pixie cut hair shaped her face perfectly.

“That’s Kate,” Audrey said as we both climbed out of the car. Kate looked up at us, her eyes beaming when she saw Audrey.

“You guys made it! They have the maid of honor’s dress already set up and ready for her to try on so let us get to it shall we?” I did not have the chance to open my mouth before Kate and Audrey escorted me into the shop. I was then dragged towards the back of the store and all but thrown into a changing room.

“Can I get a little time to breathe before you stuff me into a dress?” I grumbled, setting my purse down on the bench beside me.

“You’ll have time to breathe when we make sure the dress fits. Yell if you need anything.” Audrey smiled before shutting the curtain.

I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I turned away from the curtain. Audrey is my best friend and I love her more than anything in the world, but sometimes she’s a fucking handful.

I couldn’t stop the sharp intake of air when I saw the dress. It was a lilac-colored, ankle-length dress that had enough of a sleeve to cover my shoulders. The chest portion of the dress had a straight neckline and was covered in a lilac-colored layer of lace.

I made quick work of undressing down to my bra and underwear. After some struggle due to my height, I managed to get the dress off the hook and onto my body. As the soft material glided over my skin, I noticed there was a slit on the left side of the dress, ending in the middle of my thigh. The slit gave the otherwise classic dress an empowering and sexy feel.

Reaching my arms around the back, I was able to zip it up halfway before the zipper got stuck. I yanked the zipper every which way to try and move it. No such luck.

I let out a groan as my arms fell to my sides “Seriously, you couldn’t just fucking cooperate for once?” I tried moving the zipper once again before letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Audrey? Kate? Can one of y’all help me with the zipper? It seems to have gotten stuck.” I called out to them. My question was met with silence as all I heard was the quiet jazz that was playing throughout the shop. Where could they have disappeared to this quickly?

When I opened the dressing room curtain, I nearly bumped into Declan, who seemed to be patiently waiting outside the changing room.

“Have you seen Audrey and or Kate?”

Declan shook his head as he crossed his arms over his chest. “No. They weren’t in here when I got here.” God this could not be happening! Well, I guess I have no other choice.

“Can you zip up the rest of my dress? It must have gotten stuck or something because I can’t get the zipper to go any further.” I turned my partially exposed back to Declan, my cheeks heating up at the mere thought of him grasping the metal zipper between his fingers.

Declan paused for a few moments before responding. “Doesn’t that mean you need a bigger size?”

My cheeks, warm with heat, now warmed with anger as I snapped around to face Declan. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Declan’s eyes widened as he saw the look on my face. “You know what? Never mind. I’ll figure it out myself.”

I turned my back on him once again as I entered the changing room, yanking the curtain shut behind me.


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