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NOT EDITED ON HOLD They come from 2 different worlds one is a alpha looking for his mate on Is a human looking for a way out of her abuse. They go to the same high school will he end up finding his mate before it's too late. And will she end up finding the love of her life and leaving everyone from her past behind her. Warning this book does contain abuse and the indication of rape if you are not comfortable with this then please read something else

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


Well I guess in story's your supposed, to introduce yourself. Hello my name is Shadow. I live with my dad and sister. I don't even consider them family though my dads an alcoholic and a drug user. My sister is a spoiled brat she gets whatever she wants. Your probably wondering where my mom is. She's dead and she's been that way since I was four years old. Long story short I was crossing the street and not paying attention a car was coming and because I wasn't paying attention my mom through me back to the side walk and by doing that she died. So yeah my home life isn't good my dad and my sister blame me for my mother's dealth. My school life isn't any better though. Because my sister is a spoiled brat she has the whole school wrapped around her finger. So yeah that's my school life for ya.


Shadow Pov:

I woke up it was 5:00 I had to quickly make my dad and sister breakfast before they woke up but just my luck they woke up when I was just about to start making breakfast. My dad through me against a wall. My sister who not to mention was wearing 7 inch heels decided to stomp on top of me. The pain was bearable untill my dad picked up and put me on the stove. My dad held me on the burning elements I don't know how long after that I passed out because of pain and most likely starvation I haven't eaten in more than one week. I wake up again and there gone my dad was at work and my sister was at school. I had to quickly get dressed I chose a blue tank top ( because it was the simplest thing to get on and didn't hurt) a black sweater( so people don't see my burned arms) and some jeans( again so people don't see my burnt legs). Then I started the hour walk to school. I got there and it was still first period. I went to my locker and saw a boy standing next to it as soon as he seen me he walked off. Well that was weird.

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