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Chapter 10

Ace pov: She was going to be partners with someone else but I couldnt allow that so I mind linked the teacher. I went to her locker. She asked " if she could work on the project by herself but give me all the credit" I disagreed. For 2 reason one so I could get to know her more two so I might be able to find why she's so hesitant. We decided to meet at my house at 7:00. Of course it would be the pack house but I would kick everone out. I was planning on making dinner for us and ask a couple questions.

Shadow POV: it took a long time for my dad to finally belive that I was going to work. Tomorrow was Saturday so i had a whole bunch of chores. I was in the kitchen when my father walked in with his friends. He didn't have any friends so they were most like here to give him the drugs. The thing is we dont have money to pay for them. To be fair we have barely enough to get by. Why because he is spending it all on drugs and alcohol also shoes and stuff for my sister. So he was planning on selling my body to these guys. The surrounding me there was nothing I could do. My father said "Have fun boys" that's when I new I was doomed. While they were raping me I tried to get my mind to wonder else where but that didn't work. I was no virgen but it hurt like hell. I would be sore as hell tomorrow I had to meet with someone that lived 1 hour away. I had to walk too. So I am just hoping that I have strong enough meds for this if not. Then I can try somthing else.

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