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Chapter 11


I was waiting for her to show up. I lived on the other side of town well that's where the pack house is. It's just out of town. So when I finally heard a knock at the door I rushed to go open it. I told everyone to stay in there home and not to leave. They didn't question me before they know better. My father runs the most Feared Pack if them all. We started our project. But I kept noticing how tried she is. I ask a lot if question. I wanted to get to know my mate. Even if she didn't know yet. I kept on thinking on the day I first laid eyes on her

Flash back

It was about a week after winter break and I smelt the most amazing scent ever it was a mix of fresh fallen snow and citrus. I followed it to the girls bathroom. As I got closer I started to smell tears. Wait why is my mate crying wolf thought. We should be there to comfort her. I was about to walk in when I smelt blood. Then after that a girl who looked like she had just been crying. As soon as she walked passes I knew she was my mate. End of flash back

So from then on me and my wolf vowed to protect her but obviously we aren't doing a very good job at it. I can tell she's in pain any time she sneezes she winces in pain. She also apologized for it. She broke my heart without even realizing it. We soon finished the project. It was getting late so I asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner. She kindly declined. With that she left it was getting dark and I didn't see a car. She wasn't walking to the bus stop either. I asked her if she wanted a ride home again she declined. But I was worried about her so I was followed her home just to make sure she's safe. She must have noticed me or something because she turned around

Thanks for reading please stay safe.

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