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I was walking when I felt this presence behind me. I went against my instincts. I looked behind me. Nobody was there. I continued on my way home. When I walked inside my house the lights were out I thought I could sneak off easy. Obviously I was naive. I should have known she was waiting for me to get home. Before I know what's happening I am on the ground spitting out blood. My "sister" just punch Me in my jaw and it hurt. But I knew crying would make it so much worse. She started kicking me in my ribs I heard several cracks. Which meant that they were broken. She then drags me to my room where my "father" was waiting. He had his belt and my "sister" had a whip. I knew what was going to happen but nothing could have had prepared for the pain. When they finished it was after 12 I was tried and in pain. That's when I knew I wasn't going to school. Which meant I was home alone. I was in a whole lot of pain and would have to get more foundation tomorrow. I was also out of pain meds but I only had enough for on thing. I would rather be in physical pain then have bruises showing on my face. So i asked my "father" if i could go to the store. After he punished me for asking he let me go. I was walking there because i I couldn't get a ride. Once i got there i ran to the make up section graped my foundation payed for it then i left. One my way back i thought someone or something was following me so i ran home. When i got home. My sister just came back from the club and was drunk. My father was high. I knew what was going to happen so i mentally prepared myself for it

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