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Chapter 13

Ace pov: i was at school waiting for shadow at school. I wanted to talk to her about the project. When she finally got there i noticed 2 things. 1 her makeup was really heavy. 2 she had a slight limp as she walked. I asked her if she wanted to work on the project at her house. At first she said no. I put up an argument. And she finally caved. It was lunch and i asked her if she wanted to eat with me at lunch she said no. I am gonna guess she went to the library to finish the project. When i met her at her locker after school she handed me the finished project. But i still wanted to come over. So i was planning on coming over later.

Time skip

Was at the pack house when i got a call from an unknown number. I answerd it. At first i thought it was shadow. But it was her sister? She invited me over to hang out. I didn't want to go but then i remembered that i wanted to see her sister so i asked where we would hang out she said the mall. At thar point i said no. I hung up and blocked her number. I went to the store for some food. I smelt her. I followed the sent and it led me to the makeup section. It was a small girl in a hoodie i I couldn't. See her face but it was my mate. I followed behind her to the cashier. She looked scared. Once she was done paying i have to quickly buy somthing so i bought a bag of chips and some flowers. After i finshed paying i was following her in my car. But i stayed at lest a couple minutes behind her so i could. See her but she couldn't see me. I followed her home just to make sure she got there safe and sound.

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