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Chapter 14


I was close to my house. When i started to mentally prepar my self. For this i was hoping someone or something would come to help me. But i knew better then that everone left me. I would just hope that they would pass out before anything worse then the usual. As i reach my house i made sure that no one was following me. No one was i opend the door. As soon as i did that the door was shut and i felt somthing pinch my neck. As soon as i felt that the world started to spin and my vision was going blurry. Before i knew what was happening i was. On the ground slowly lossing conciousness. I was punch then kicked and that's when I knew no one was coming to save me. I let the darkness consume me. I like the feeling of not having a care in the world. I was brought back to reality to soon. I was woken up by a beeping noise at first I thought it was my alarm clock so I tried to turn it off while I slapped my hand on somthing hard. That's when I woke up and noticed I was not in my room. I felt safe and warm. I was in a room that I didn't recognize. It was grey blue and white. The bed was comfortable. Then I noticed I was not alone in the bed. I wasn't freaking out. I was surprisingly calm. I looked over to see who was in the bed. It was Ace...

He noticed I was awake and asked me so many questions I couldn't keep count. He looked worried. He hugged me and I felt safe in his arms I felt safe in his bed. I felt safe with him.

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