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Chapter 15

Ace pov:

I was following her and watch her go into her her. I went back to the pack house. I had a feeling somthing bad was going to happen. I just wasted sure what would happen and who it would happen to. I was watching my pack carefully. Then I was alerted that there was screaming coming from my mates house. I got up and shifted to my wolf with out striping my clothes. I got to her house as soon as possible. I shifted back to my human form with the clothes one of my pack members gave me. I went to go knock on her door but before I could. The door opens and my mate was pushed out the door. She was unconscious. And was coverd in cuts and bruises. My mate clothes was torn to pieces. I quickly called a pack member to drop off a car. I picked up my mate. That's when I decided that I couldn't live a day with her not in my arms. When the car came I put her in the front seat. When we got on pack territory and I immediately mind linked the pack doctor. When they came to Examine her. They told me she just needed some rest and antibiotics. I took her to my room she clung on to me like it was the end of the world. So I put her on the bed and laid beside her. I laid there for an hour. Until an alarm went off. She hit me probably thinking I was an alarm clock. But she woke up after that. When she hit me it hurt I feel bad for her alarm clocks. She looked around in shock before she looked at me. With a surprising calm expression. I started asking questions that were probably not legabel to her ears. But I didn't care I was just so happy she woke up. I was so excited that I just hugged her.

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