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Chapter 16

Shadow pov: He hugged me. He HUGGED me. But he's to good for me though. Why would he want to hug me I am just a broken cripple girl who he is forced to do a project with... I will figure that out later because I feel safe in his arms. Part of me wants to never leave them again. But I can't think like that he wouldn't want me he is just pitying me. Why because he feels bad. But trust me as soon as I go back to my house he will not care anymore. It's a facade people put on. They pretend to care while you near them but as soon as you leave they stop. I knew this all to well. "When can I go home" I asked. He replied "you really want to go back" "I have no where else to go" I stated back. Then I got up and left. I knew he would mad at me and I didn't need that right know so I ran home which was an hour away but I got there in 30 minutes. I walked in to the house it was pitch black I thought everone was either not here or sleeping. That was until I got a punch in the stomach. Then someone pulled my hair. Know I am laying on the ground being whipped. I wish I would.have just stayed at his house. I was slowly fading in and out. I was almost about to pass out when I heard the door break. At first I thought it was the cops. But when I was picked up I felt warm and safe. Before I passed out I said I was sorry. He whispered back that it was ok. Before I knew it the world had gone black and quite. But for some reason I knew I was safe. I was in his arms I was finally safe.

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