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Chapter 17

Ace pov: When I hugged her she hugged me back. She hugged me back. My precious mate was letting me hug her. She wanted to go back and I dont know why. I didn't get a chance to argue with her. Because she just got up and left. I was sitting down for a good 15 minutes. Thinking what the hell just happened. Then I spent an hour just replying the morning. But that's when I realized I should have followed her. I forgot her address. So I called her sister. She told me.that I would have to go on a date with her. For her to tell me were she lived. I had no choice but to agree.

Shadows sister pov:

Omg the hottest guy in school called me. I just finished teaching my sister a lesson she gets when she leaves the house with out permission. It consists of scolding hot water being spilled on her. Then we hung her by her wrist on the ceiling and carved our names into her. We left scars that will always be a reminder that no one will ever love her and that she will never be wanted. But back to the point the hottest guy at school called me. He wanted to know were I lived but i told him that he would have to take me on a date. He agreed. Before I went to go get ready I went to check on my sister she was still in the corner curled up in a ball bleeding out. Then I went to get ready.

Ace pov: they were doing somthing to my mate but I couldn't do anything. I felt so helpless. We weren't mates yet but I could still sense her pain and discomfort. I wanted to be there for her but I couldn't. I didn't know where she lives. I feel so helpless but trust me once I get my mate back I dont plan on ever letting her go. Even if her annoying sister refuses to give me their address. I should see her tomorrow at school.

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