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Chapter 18

Shadow pov:

They beat me so bad. I was bleeding out and it felt like all my bones were broken. I just waited for the darkness to take me but it never did. I was currently lying in the fetal position bleeding out from my back. I just wanted to die. I had no one to live for and with that thought the darkness over came me. I was in a dream like state when I heard my mothers voice calling to me. I followed that voice and I saw her... I seen my Mother. I ran up to her and gave her a hug. In this moment I didn't care about how disappointed she would be. I didn't care how her touch felt so simaler to Ace's. I just didn't care. I was crying tears of happiness for two reasons (1 because I seen my mother.(2 because I thought it was the end. My mother started to speak. She was saying how I shouldn't be here and how i have to go back. I replied with but i dont want to go back mommy i want to stay with you. She replied that it wasn't my Time yet. I hugged her so tight as the vision of my mother started to fade. But before it completely faded I said. I love you so much mommy. She replied I love you so much and more then you will ever know my darling girl. And with that I found my way back to reality. What was strange is that I was no longer bleeding and that I wasn't on the floor in the basement. I was in a really comfy bed that I never wanted to leave from. That's when I noticed that someones hand was around my waist at first I thought it was my father but then I realized that the touch brought my the feeling of comfort and safe. I knew it was ace and I didn't want to ever leave him again. He was the first person to care in a while.

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