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Chapter 19

Ace pov:

The date with her sister was a huge waste of my time. I was happy when it ended I offered to take her home she gladly accepted. When I dropped her off I reflected on how the date went

Flash back

I picked her up. I really didn't want to. But I had to she went to the mall and wasted 3 hours in a store for makeup she only got to hours then she went to a 5 star restaurant. Then she went a couple other places. I feel like she was doing this to wast my time.

End of flash back

She insisted I come inside I glady took her up on her offer. She was giving me a tour but refused to show me the basement. I final convinced her to show me it. I was walking down the stairs amd what I saw next............................ .............................. broke my heart.

End of flash back

My mate was curled up in a ball it was freezing cold in here too. So she looked a little blue and was bleeding out. From the amount of blood on the floor I could tell that she was already unconscious. Before I knew what happened my wolf took control. He punched Becky in the face hard enough to have her unconscious too. I picked up my mate and rapped her in my jacket I didn't think it would have been this bad. I checked her pulse it was barely there but it was. Her breathing was shallow. I put her freezing cold body on the couch up stairs walked back in to the basement and called the beta from my pack to come get her and put her in the cells. After that I went back upstairs to realize my mate wasn't on the couch I started to panick. But then I picked up her sent and followed it to...................... her father's room. When I walked in he was raping her. Her poor unconscious body was being touched in ways it should have never been. After i took her father off her i had to call another guard to come get him. I had to hold my wolf back because I wanted to kill him then and there. But then I realized that if I killed him he would just get another escape. So I was going to torture him till he died but it will be the most slow and the most painful death.

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