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Chapter 2

Boy at the locker pov: as soon as I got up I knew that somthing would go wrong today. Also I have a name its ace. Ok back to the point. I knew something was going to go wrong but I didn't know what. I was in my first period class and I didn't see the girl who sat in the back of the class I didn't think much of it but still wanted to know why she's never late or miss school. So I ask the teacher if u could go get something from my locker . The teacher said yes you can but hurry up. I got up and left class. I went to go wait by the girls locker. I waited 20 minutes untill I saw her she was limping and wore a sweater it was like 34 degrees out. How was she not burning up. She looked at me then I left. No i didn't leave because I was a coward. I went to go tell the school nurse. As soon as I did we went looking for the girl. She was in my class sitting down doing something. The nurse wanted to talk to her. The girl said she was fine she just fell. We didn't put much thought in to it. So the nurse left and I went to go back in my seat. When the bell rang she was first to get up and leave. So I followed her to the forest in the back of the school.

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