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Chapter 21


I was waiting... I was waiting for her to wake up it's been 2 days. And I miss her I miss her smile I miss her voice I miss her laugh. I just miss her. When I brought her back from that hell hole she was unconscious and was pale with blue tinted skin. So after I was done with her sister and father I brought her to the pack house doctor. She was supposed to stay in the hospital but I wanted her aroun me. So I took her to my room and had the doctor come in and do a couple blood transfusions and she had to be kept on an I.V. they wanted to keep her sedated for another week. But I didn't want that. Why because I am selfish why would I want my rock my world my life to be in a medical induced coma. So we agreed that she would be sedated for another day. Then she would wake up. I stayed by her side. And talked to her. I wanted her too know how badly I wanted her to wake up. I was thinking to my self if she woke up right know what I would do. I would kiss her i would put all my unspoken feelings into the kiss. As if she read my mind she woke up immediately. She gasped for air like she had woken up by being drown. In this moment I forgot all my morals and I kissed her. I think she was in shock for a second before kissing me back. She couldn't know how my wolf felt. He was ecstatic out mate was kissing us. OUR MATE. After we both pulled away sadly we need oxygen to live. I muttered mine under my breath. She must have heard because she looked taken a back but I didn't really care. She was awake my rock my world my life was awake. I couldn't believe what had just happened

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