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Chapter 22

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I was in a dream like state when I heard an Angel's voice telling me to wake up and that I was ok. He would talk to me. Until he left me alone in the dark. I was scared of the dark ever since I was 6. That's when he first raped me. And ever since than I have been afraid of the dark. So when the angel left me alone I started screaming and thrashing for him to come back. After awhile I heard him again telling me that I was ok and if I could open my eyes. After a while he whispered "I love you" and I used all my strength to squeeze his hand. After I did that all the energy left my body I fell in to a dream less sleep. I never took my hand off his. But after a while I opened my eyes to see a beautiful forest around me I seen my mother again this time she didn't rush me. We sat and talk about everything. I could believe what had happened. Just then Ace joined us. Then the three of us started talking. Then they started to say how I needed to go back. I didn't want to go back I didn't want to face them not yet I couldn't. Then everything started to disappear. And then I had seen what I never wanted to. I seen the day that I killed my mother. The day my father first raped me for being a good girl. I had to relive those scenes for what seemed like weeks. I couldn't take it anymore I started to scream and thrash I couldn't take it anymore I called my angel to be with me. It seemed like a long time. Before he showed up. Then he started to calm me down. I was aware of the darkness around me and I could here him. But than everything around me started to fade. Before everything around me was fully fade I heard my angel say "I love you my precious mate" and with that everything faded.

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