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Chapter 23

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She has been unconscious for over a week in was starting to worry. I would talk to her every day just incase she could here me. One day I left to go get some coffee and when I came back she was thrashing and screaming. I went over to go calm her down and hold her hand. I said I loved her and she held my hand tighter. She must have fallen deeper because she never let go of my hand. I just feel asleep holding her hand. I woke up in a strange forest I shifted to my wolf and was about a couple km when I smelt her. I shifted back to my human form and seen her and someone who looked like her. She looked at me like she wanted me to go over there. I started walking over there. We all started talking it felt like it had been awhile. When I felt the need to go back. So before i left both me and the stranger ask her to wake up. After that i woke up and she didn't but she started thrashing again. I called the pack doctor and they sedated her again and before she faded again I whispered "I love you my precious mate." The doctor said they would let me know if anything happens to her. So I went back to the pack house to get changed and had somthing to eat and drink rather then the food from the cafeteria at the hospital. I made sure to get dressed and eat quickly. So I could get back to her as soon as possible. When I got back to the hospital she was still unconscious. But she wasn't screaming or thrashing she was just lying there. I watch her for a moment before going to her room and laying on the bed beside her. As if she bew that I was there she rolled over to snuggle In my chest. And with that though I fell asleep. When I was asleep I seen the woman with my mate. She wanted to talk to me.

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