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Chapter 24

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I heard a beeping noise and I thought it was an alarm clock so i just ignored it. But it didn't shut off. So I opened my eyes and when I did... the room was super bright. I opened my eyes but then immediately closed them. Then I heard my Angel's voice telling me to keep my eyes open. So I opened them again and I seem him. It was ace. He looked at me for a second and then ran up to give me a hug. Then he laid down beside me. And I felt at peace for once in my life I felt at peace. But then I realized that I was alive and started to go into a panic. I searched the room scared to find my "father" or "sister" I found non of the above. What I did find was my angel. The one I felt safe with the one who would not judge me. For my bruises and my scares, he look worried as if somthing bad was happening. After he noticed that everything was fine he went to go call the nurse or doctor to come check up on me. When the doctor was finished. The angel came to check up on me. The first question that came to mind was if I was dead so I asked him that. He said no. I was still alive. I was terrified he would find me I was scared that I would never see my mother again. After the doctor was gone my angel came in and told me what had happened. At first I was confused why would my mother let my father do that to me. So I asked to speak to my mother and the angel said that she died along time ago. I replied with" but I just seen her minutes ago" then I asked to see my father and he said no. I wonder why but decide not to push. I asked his name. He said you dont remember me. You really dont remember me. I asked am i supposed to. After that the doctor came back in and told me that i would have to stay over night and could go home tomorrow and i have a high percent chance that i will get my memories back. Then i could remember...

Hey hope you like the story I am sorry for the late update I was taking a break from writing and I had really bad writers block.

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