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Chapter 25

Ace: she had finally woken up. But she seemed off at first I thought it was the drugs they were giving her to help the pain so I went to go get the doctor. While he went to check up on her I went to get some food when I came back she looked in a daze like state. She noticed me and started to ask where her mom was. I thought she was forgot for a moment but then I realized that she forgot her mom died. I told her that her mom past away a while ago and she disagreed she said that she had seen her mom and her angel. When I asked what her angel looked like she said it looked like me. Then she started to ask where her dad was and if she could go see her. That's when I thought she was joking theres no way in hell that she would want to go back to that place. But then she asked again that's when I realized she lost her memory. She asked if she could see her dad I said no. Why would I want to send my mate my Luna back to the place she was tortured and blamed for something that wasn't her fault. I asked the doctor to come in again and I wanted to know why she lost her memory. She was unconscious for a month. So I asked why she didn't remember anything the doctor said that it was traumatic experience and that she should remember everything but it will come back in nightmares and other ways. He said he would like her to stay the night to see how she is. I asked if I could stay too he said yes. Then tomorrow I would take her home make her feel love and all the other things she never felt i would never let her go again i would be there for when she needed me. And If i wasn't i would hate myself for the rest of my internal life

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