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Chapter 26

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Shadow: they ran test on me all throughout the night I had my angel with me the whole night and I was lucky. I would get to go home tomorrow. I would miss my angel but I couldn't wait to see my mom and dad. I was sleeping when I seen my mother again. This time she looked really pale and bloody I said mommy what happend to you are you ok my mother came close enough to touch me. When she did her hand was so cold I started to spasm I was crying i wanted this to be a dream but then I see my father he looked like he just finished 2 bottles of vodka. He look like he was going the through the bottle in his hand at me I started to spasm even more I screamed and I cried. Then i felt all my worries wash away I felt someone climbed under me and hold me. I was to exhausted to do anything but sigh and cuddle into the warm chest. When I woke up the next morning I wasn't in the hospital bed I thought I was in before I was on a comfy bed with silk sheets I looked beside me to see my angel. He looked so peaceful asleep almost like a puppy dog. I didn't want to wake.him up because he looked so peaceful. Its like he could tell I was looking at him because he smiled and said good morning beautiful. I blushed a deep crimson and stood up as soon as I took a step I felt very dissy and everything was starting to fade. I heard my angel call someone. Once the darkness consumed me. I was brought back to a place in my brain I didn't want to remember. Every hit every touch ever thrust. I started to spasm again. Then I remembered his face they way it would make me feel they was the very sight of it would make me calm down. I remembered his voice such a calm yet rough voice with a power behind it. Then I remembered his name...

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