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Chapter 29

Ace: I was walking to my locker when I noticed that Shadow wasn't at her locker. ( my locker is right next to hers) I noticed she has a scheduled she goes to her locker first thing in the morning at the last thing before school ends it was the end of the day and she wasn't here. Its not like her to mess up her schedule. I looked around the whole school and couldn't find her. I asked everyone if they had seen her they all said no. I went back to my house because she lives with me. She wasn't in her room or anywhere. I shifted and ran into the woods trying to catch her scent. But I couldn't. I checked her social media she hasn't posted since yesterday. I was freaking out she wasn't anywhere. I went back to the school to try to catch her scent and it worked. It was faint but it was there. I had no control in that moment axel my wolf took control I mind linked my beta and a couple Warriors to follow me. We met in the forest and ran up to an old abandoned log cabin. My wolf rushed in there. Her scent was so prominent that she was still here. I shifted and my beta cole handed me my clothes we all went separate was. I went to the basement and cole and the warriors took upstairs and the main floor. I heard a scream then my blood went cold I called Cole and the warriors down here. I knocked down the door and I saw her the room she was in was in flames at that moment I didn't think I just ran inside the room and picked her up carefully after that we all ran out of the house as soon as we were far enough awaythe house blew up. I finally to look at my mate who new how long she was In there for If I was a moment to late she would have died. Once I saw her broken bones had pierced her skin she had been whipped so hard the she was bleeding out. She had burn marks all over over. Her legs had been cut so bad that I feared that she might never be able to use them again. They tried to peel her face off but they failed so she just had a lose flop of skin. She was unconscious and freakishly pale. I ran to her as soon as I seen her. I went to check her pulse. I stopped breathing for a moment when I couldn't hear her pulse. But then I checked again and it was faint but still there I picked her up bridal style. I looked down at her unconscious form she looked peaceful. I felt so bad for her. When she wakes up I will tell her about mr and I will mark he so that I will never leave her side again.

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