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Chapter 30

Shadow pov:

The next thing I know is they start breaking my bones I can feel them piece the skin they cut my legs and after they were done. They used the remaining gasoline and started to pour that around the whole room it's not like I was paying attention the burning sensation in my veins only got worse. Before I new what happend they ran out of the room after lightning a lighter. They closed and locked the iron door. I that point I knew I was going to die. I let the warm flames and the smoke consume me. The last thing I see befor the darkness consumed me is the bright fire. I seen my mother again but this time she welcomed me with her opend arms. I was waiting for the pain to hit me. The last thing I remember is being in a burning building. I was talking with my mom for what seemed like for ever before she said "what about ace. I know you don't want to wake up my darling girl. But you have someone who will love you for all eternity. I love you my darling girl. I am sorry that I left you alone for so long I am sorry that you had to deal with them. I love you my darling girl and will see you soon. I can here people talking in the distance but I cant move. I here someone talking. Then they said something that cought my attention " I am sorry but she might never wake up" then a Males voice said " that cant be true" I felt someone climb into the bed. He held my hand and said he loved me. With all the strength I could muster i opend my eyes to see ace. He closed his eyes for a minute. I said I loved him to. He opend his eyes and look at me. He asked if this was real. I said I hoped so. Then I felt an horrible pain that over took my body I was screaming crying telling him to take the pain away. As soon as I said that he yelled for the doctor. The doctor came running in and Ace explained what was happening. The doctor told me they were going to have to sedate me. I was yelling no I dont wanna go back I just want the pain to go away. Ace said he wouldn't leave my side. While he was talking to me I felt a pinch in my neck. And my vision was going blurry i started to panic. I was screaming at him not to leave me and not to let me go. His response was your mine you will never leave my arms again.

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