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Ace pov:

As soon as we found her I mind linked the pack doctor. We ran to the pack hospital as fast as we could. I kept shadow close just incase her heart would stop. As soon as we reached the hospital the doctor was calling out orders within minutes she was in surgery. To fix her bones. When she was out of surgery we went to see her only to be stopped by the pack doctor. I spent the next 7 hours waiting for her to wake up. At one point in that time range I heard the doctor talking with a nurse saying theres a large chance that she might never wake up. When she woke up me and axel were over the moon. Our mate was awake and as soon as she was healthy enough I would show her axel. We ran into her room as soon as we heard the good news. She was awake and looked scared as soon as I entered the room she looked at me and I went to go hug her. As soon as i did she looked like she calmed down. Eventually she went to sleep in my arms. A little while later I fell asleep. I felt someone staring at me. I opend me eyes to see shadow staring at me she didn't notice that I was awaking yet and she asked herself why. I answered and said because your my mate. With her in my arms she would help rule my pack and be the mother of my pups. I was never going to leave her again. I will contact the school and have my scheduled change so that I can be with her. She will move into my room If that's alright with her. She is and will forever be my everything. I cant imagine a world with out this amazing beautiful brave women in my life. She was my other half even with out realizing she was the most important girl in the world. I was finally going to be able to keep her safe. She would never have to worry about anything ever again. Everything she would want would be at the touch of her fingers.

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