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Chapter 32

Shadow pov:

I felt the pinch in my neck and everything was going burly. The next thing I hear is Ace whisper in my ear everything will be alright. I was trapped in the darkness for what seemed like forever. No matter what Direction I walked I never got anywhere. Till I felt like I could finally open my eyes. I heard people talking around me. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I knew they were talking. I opened my eyes to quickly and was blinded by a bright light. At first I thought i was dead. But then I felt the pain the horrible pain of all my broken limbs. I could feel the burns. I heard people talking outside my door. When it opened Ace ran over to be and engulfed me into a hug but he was careful not to hurt me more. When he touched me the pain went away. I finally felt safe. I finally felt loved I just hoped he felt the same. I don't know what happened next all I know is that I am not going home. I am happy I am not going home I don't ever want to go back their. I hope he feels the same.

A week later

I have been bed riden for the last week Ace wouldn't let me get out of bed with out him following me. To make sure I don't hurt myself. It's kinda sweet hearing him worried about me while I am using the washroom or having a shower.

1 month later

I am still not fully healed but I am healed enough to were my bone aren't broken I still have the scars and the burns but with how many times a day Ace compliments me I think I might soon love my self. He finally told me...

I am soooooooo sorry it took this long to update lifes been really hectic please forgive me😔😔 anyway hope your doing amazing and staying safe

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