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Chapter 33

Ace Pov:

I was very protective of my mate I didn't want her to do anything with out me knowing what she was doing or where she was going. The first week she got back from the hospital I was alwas with her I wouldn't let her leave the bed with out me me. Within the first month she was already getting better she didn't have to wear her cast anymore.
1 week later

She goes to physio therapy for 2 days every week she also goes to counseling twice a week. She looks so much happier know that she isn't constantly worrying about getting hurt. I think she knows that no matter what happens I will protect her. I am going to wait a little while longer to tell her about werewolves I just don't want her to panic. Shes doing better with her epilepsy she takes her medication daily she has to take medication for anxiety and epilepsy. No matter what I love her.

It's been 2 months since the incident.

We finally went back to school I changed my schedule to match hers I was going to take her to meet my parents today my parents already know about her past and they promised that they wouldn't bring it up. After we got back from the hospital I gave her the option to stay in a guest room. So she is currently staying in a guest room across from my room. We are both getting ready for school right know it was her 18 birthday in a week I was so excited she was going to finally find out what I was and I was planning a whole surprise party.

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