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Chapter 34

Shadows POV:

Ace said he was going to take me to meet his parents. I have never met his parents because he lives by himself or sometimes his bestfriend would stay with him. I am kinda scared that they won't like me. I am going to just hope and prey for the best. Ace's is really excited.
1 hour later
School was finally out Ace took us home I went to go have a shower and get changed. Ace did the same. About 30 minutes later we left the house turns out his parents live about 5 minutes away so we didn't have to walk far. We were eating dinner when I felt dizzy Ace got up to do the dishes and his mother followed his father went into the living room. I stood up and felt like I was going to black out I whispered out Ace's name before the world went dark. I welcomed the darkness like an old friend it was the only place I felt at home it was the only place where my pain doesn't exist physical and mental it was the only place where my emotions didn't go wild it was the only place where my mental issues didn't bother me and where muted for a while.

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