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Chapter 35

Ace POV:

I heard her whisper my name. I was in the kitchen helping my mother clean up dinner when my dad came in to help her I left to go see where shadow was when I heard her whisper my name then a herd a loud thud I ran in the direction of the noise. When I got their she was lying unconscious on the ground. My mom and dad were standing around her making sure that she still had a pulse. I picked her up and ran to my house I knew she fainted. she was doing a lot better but she did more today then she has done in a long time. So she would just need her rest and would wake up tomorrow I knew that but i still worried. I stayed with her that night making sure she was alright. It was early in the morning when I felt her rustle the blankets next thing I knew she was cuddling in my arms a couple minutes later she went back to a peaceful sleep a couple of minutes of watching her sleep I drifted off to a deep peaceful slumber with her in my arms. i woke up when i felt the sun hit my eyes i wanted to close the blinds so that Shadow wouldn’t have to wake up. i slowly took her off me careful not to wake her. after i got up and shut the blinds and went to go back and lie down not even a minute later she crawled into my arms. i mindlinked the chef to have breakfast brought to my room and with that i fell into a light sleep.

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