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Chapter 36

Shadow POV:

I woke up and quickly looked around the room I realized that I was in the room that Asher gave to me. While I was looking around I saw Asher sleeping in the chair beside the bed he looked very relaxed like he didn't have to worry about anything. He also looked kinda cute with his mouth slightly open mouth. I didn't want to wake him up but sleeping in the chair couldn't be comfortable especially when you're that tall. So I gently went to wake him up when he woke up looking around probably trying to find me I was walking up behind him he went to stand up and I jumped on his back and he fell to the ground with a thud. I got off him quickly to make sure he was ok as soon as I got close enough he pulled me to the ground and started to tickle me "stop please stop hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ok ok enough" I said while laughing " nope you haven't learned your lesson yet" "please please I am sorry please forgive me " "say your mine" "nope" "well then I guess I am not going to stop am i" "fine ok hahaha I am yours" he finally stopped tickling me. I took a deep breath and started laughing again... he must have thought I was crazy but after another 5 minutes I finally sobered up enough to say a full sentence. I quickly apologized and realized that I could finally go back to school I was excited but scared. Ace reassured me that nothing bad would happen to me because we had the same schedule.

sorry, it's kinda short hope you enjoyed please feel free to leave a comment or a review and if you like my story please hit the hear button thanks for reading. see you all in the next chapter
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