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Chapter 4

Shadow pov: I knew what was going to happen next. I ran to my room and Locked my door moved my dresser to my door and ran in to my bathroom. I heard a bandg like a door fell down. Their was nothing stopping him from getting what he wants. This was his way of praising me for being "a good girl." He was going to rape me. He started taking off my clothes till I was in a bra and underwear then he took off his cloths he took off my bra and underwear and started to grop me then he thrusted into me with out giving me time to adjust to his size. Luckily I was on the pill.

Ace pov: she went to her locker to grap what sounded like pills. I got a glance they were pill bottles one was tylenol and the other birth control. It was weird but I didn't question it. We were teens and did stupid And immature things. She went to the bathroom and I waited outside. She was in there for 20 minutes. I was about to go in there when she opened the door. She looked so happy. But little did she know that there are others on earth that are not humans.

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