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Chapter 37

Ace Pov:

We finally got to school after missing a couple of months. First class of the day nothing really happend we got a lecture from the teacher.

Skip to lunch

Shadow had to use the washroom so we decided that I would go to the cafeteria buy us lunch and we would meet in the back of the school. We ate our lunch and I remembered that I still have to tell her that I am not human I'll do it later today. I'll take her to my secret spot and shift or let axel take control. Ever since we found her hes wanted to meet her but we never had the time but today is the day. I can't wait.

After school

We were walking home when I asked her "are you busy tonight" she replied with "no" I asked her to meet me in the backyard at 8pm so I had enough time to take her up to the waterfall and it would be light enough that you could see but dark enough that you could see the stars. It was one of my favourite place of all pack territory. So anyway I am getting ready I quickly ran up to the waterfall and put a bag of my clothes. I started to make food when I realized I didn't even know what she liked I hope that she like sandwiches I grapped a picnic basket put some sparkling juice I also grapped a blanket and some pillows. It was finally ready I ran back to make sure everything was ready. It was finally time.

Thank you all so much for reading I hoped you enjoyed this chapter please stay safe peace out✌
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