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Chapter 38

Shadow Pov:

Ace had been acting weird today he was gone from the house alot after school. We were walking home when he asked me If I was busy I said no. So he was gone for a while when he got back he asked me to dress casually which was simply a T-shirt and Jean's. He also asked me to put on my hiking boots which he got me a week ago but I haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet. I was kinda excited and nervous. It was finally time as he started so dramatically. We were starting to walk up a hill when I started to realize how hard this was going to be. Surely I will be able to sleep for 1 year after this right. Anyway we finally got to the water fall after 45 minutes of walk. It look so surreal with the candles the stars you could even see the crescent moon it was so beautiful there was a picnic basket filled with sandy and sparkling juice I was so excited. I ran up to ace and hugged him I don't know why he would put so much effort Into something but I was as happy as ever.
1 hour later
Ace started to walk off back into the forest and it was kinda freaking me out. I wanted to follow him but he told me to stay. I have been waiting for 5 minutes for him to return but instead of him it was a ginormous wolf

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