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Chapter 39

Ace Pov:
throughout the day I was running back and forth from my house to the waterfall first I had to clean the area get rid of some rocks, sweep the dirt ect ect. I had to run back to my house to get a couple of blankets. I also grabbed some rose petals from my mother's garden. I ran to the store to get some candles and grabbed her a bouquet I also grabbed some sandwiches and cake. I had a picnic basket so I ran home to grab that then I put everything in the fridge hoping she wouldn't look in it. after that, I ran back to the waterfall making sure everything was perfect. I threw some rose petals on the blanket and threw the rest around the little pond that was at the bottom of the waterfall. I wanted everything to be perfect. I got a telescope so that we would be able to see the stars hopefully it wouldn't be too cloudy so then we could see the stars. it was around 6:30 when twilight struck and I knew it was now or never. I went to knock on her door and asked her "I have a surprise for you be ready in 15 minutes" she asked "where are we going" I said "that's a surprise" then she asked, " fine what should I wear?" I said "some jeans and a t-shirt."
15 minutes later
she was finally ready. I was waiting in for what felt like forever we started our hike to the waterfall it wasn't a far hike it was like 20 minutes but it was all uphill so I offered to carry her but she sweetly declined. when we almost got there I picked her up and covered her eyes and I put her down on the blankets. the look on her face was priceless she looked in awe. we sat and talked for like an hour by the time we took a break it was dark and you could see the stars I pointed out the telescope and let her look through it I told her that I was going to go get firewood. when I was far enough out of earshot I started to talk to my wolf and let him in on the situation. he really wanted to meet her so we came to an agreement he would get half an hour alone with her in wolf form then another half hour in my human form.
Axel P.O.V when he finally acknowledged my existence we came to an agreement that even though I didn't agree with him I still wanted to take any opportunity to be with her. I shifted into my all-grey wolf I was bigger than the average wolf. I was hoping I didn't scare her so when we started to walk towards the waterfall. she was still looking through the telescope when I nudged her with my snout after I got her attention I went to go lie down on the blankets she stood still for a couple of moments before she started to walk towards me with her hand out. I slowly started walking towards her trying not to scare her when my snout reached her hand I felt the sparks and I knew that she did too when she gasped I started to move her hand down my fur the feeling was wonderful. she slowly sat down and started to pet me. 30 minutes flew by before I knew it. I ran back towards the forest and shifted backed to my human form and started to get dressed and walked back to the waterfall. when she saw us she ran and jumped into my arms we hugged for a bit before she started to tell me how she pets a wolf and talked about how calm it was and how fluffy it was. She is so adorable when she talks about things that make her excited.
thank you guys for reading so much. this chapter was longer than my other so, please let me know if you would rather have longer chapters but they would take a bit longer to write or shorter chapters. anyway stay safe peace out
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