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chapter 40

shadow pov:
As soon as Ace came back I told him about the wolf he was kinda acting differently. I don't know how else to explain it. Anyway I told him I saw a big wolf and I decided to name him Wolfie he was so fluffy he even let me get close enough to pet him. He didn't hurt me. When I told ace he didn't seemed worried which was kinda odd not everyday you see a massive grey wolf with black eyes. I wasn't scared though I felt very safe with this wolf I know he would protect me with his life when it came down to it. We got back to our date with minimal interpretations till he had to go get more firewood. I didn't realize that someone had been watching us...

I finally got to meet her she is so much more gorgeous in person I can't belive that I only got to see her for an hour but she called me Wolfie. We finished our date and we had to go get more firewood. After fighting for who gets the body I finally gave up and let him take back control while we were cutting down some tree for firewood something In the air felt different but I couldn't put my finger on it so I let it slide... one of the worst mistakes I could have ever made

Ace P.OV
When I finalize got control of my body I noticed something was off so I moved a bit closer to where shadow was just so I could keep her safe... when I got back I couldn't belive the sight I front of me

Hey guys sorry for not updating for a long time...😅 also sorry this chapter is short I was trying to make it a cliffhanger so hopefully it worked anyway would you guys like longer chapters which will take a bit longer to write and there probably won't be any cliffhangers or I could write shorter chapters which would be written quit fast and would be published quickly too or I could do a mix of both but it's up too you guys... have a wonderful day peace out✌

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