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Chapter 5

Shadow pov: was in the bathroom for a long time because I was taking a pregnancy test it came back negative thank god for that. When I left the bathroom u was happy after I took 4 pills 2 of each. When I left the bathroom I wasn't paying attention and I didn't see something by the door when I opened it. When I left the bathroom I was happy and I went to the tree insted of class. I lit my smoke because that's how I deal with my stress. I can't hurt myself because then my "family" will use it to their advantage. So I smoke. I nothing someone following me I didn't think much of it probably someone wanting to tease me or hurt me. Either way I was used to it.

Ace pov: I followed her after she left the bathroom into the forest she climbed the tree up to the very top. The nurse told me to go get her. So I followed her she looked like she was somking somthing. But I couldn't be a hypocrite. She looked like she didn't have a care in the world. She was my mate. Yes I am a werewolf and not just an ordinary werewolf I am the alpha of the blood shine pack and that woman up in the tree was mate. Which is why I followed her and I was going to mind link the teachers that I was her partner for every assignment. When I am not there I will send warrior to watch her that's the best part her house is right out side my territory. Both me and my wolf Axel new somthing was wrong when we first meet her.

Thank you guys so much for reading. Please stay safe

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