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Chapter 6

Shadow pov: As soon as I noticed someone who wasn't laughing or pointing at me I was scared. The boy from my locker started to climbed the tree I was at the very top there was no way I could escape him. So I did the only thing that came to mind I jumped out of the tree after 2 seconds of fallen I passed out from lack of oxygen but I didn't feel much body hit the ground if anything I felt safe and warm I haven't felt those thing since my mom died. I thought I was dead to till I woke up to a beeping noise. I was in the nurses office. I was won't who brought me here.

Ace pov: she noticed me and looked scared I didn't want to scare my mate I wanted her to feel safe. I start to climbed the tree I was about the middle of the tree when she decided to jump to of it. I was in shock for a second before I leaped in to action I cought my mate before she hit the ground but by that time she already passed out. I was debating If I should take her to my pack doctor's or to the school nurse. I definitely the school nurse since most of the stuff and staff were werewolfs to. I took her to the school nurse she was passed out for most of the day but woke up just before the bell rang. As soon as it did she bolted to the door.

Thanks for reading. Please stay safe and tell me if you like it or not

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