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Chapter 7

Shadow pov: I didn't think I passed out for long but when the bell rang I ran. I had to hurry up and get home. I had wanted to appear for a job as a waitress at the local cafe. So I ran home got changed and left I had to be back before my dad got home. Then I planed on running away I I didn't know where I would go yet just anywhere rather then that home. I got back from the job interview. They would give me a call if I got the job. I planned on running away but my father had a did plan. He beat me till I passed out, then he raped me. Then he locked me in my room with no escape. You see my room had one window that was too small for me to go through and a door that can only be locked from the outside. I was trapped for a week with no food no water. He would come in and rape me then beat me. That's how my week went till there was a knock on the door.

Ace pov: she was missing for a week. I was scared somthing bad happend to her. I told my parents what they think. They said that I should go watch her for an hour or so to see what she's doing. So I did it looked like no one was home but she was there most likely in her bedroom. I was in a tree so no one could see me. I saw her laying on her bed so calm so relaxed like she didn't have a care in the world. It didnt last long as soon as the front door opend she was in a panic.

Sorry if it's short.

Thank you so much for reading and tell me if you like it or not.

Stay safe

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